Friday, December 31, 2021

Resistance is futile

I can't stop with thread left on the shuttles, I can't resist using it up. If I'm going to put away the white thread until next Christmas I can't just leave that thread dangling there. Can I? Can you? I have to do just one more before we say good bye to 2021. Just to finish it off with a nice round 20 snowflakes. Right? 

Here's number 20 measuring 3.75 inches from point to point. This one is back to a basic daisy with one more row of tatting. It has a nice lace to space ratio and an airy feel to it. I made the side rings on the cloverleaves slightly smaller because I wasn't sure how it would fit together and I didn't want the row to buckle. That's the same reason I didn't join the cloverleaves together and I'm happy that I didn't.

I think that's all the snowflakes for this season and of course the group picture which shows you their relative sizes. I did try to place them on the scanner in order, but had to shuffle them around a bit so that they'd all fit. Sixteen mini snowflakes and 4 not so mini snowflakes.



God's Kid said...

Fabulous!!! :) Did you empty the shuttles??

Jane McLellan said...

Splendid array of snowflakes! Of course you needed to finish with a round number.

muskaan said...

Oh, please don't wait till the end d of this year! You should choose at least one more holiday to keep your shuttles creatively occupied (say the greedy chorus 😉)❤

Lelia said...

All 20 are GREAT!!!!! Esp now that we have snow on the ground