Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The computer ate my homework-AGAIN!

It's not really the computer that's at fault, it's me. It's 4:15 AM as I type this and I think my brain is frazzled. I was SO close to having this drawing done. I mean it's only 3 rows, so how hard can it be? Hubby was up working late so I decided to go ahead and work on the drawing. I finished the first row then had to go back and re-work it to get the split ring right. Then I remembered that the second row had rings off the top of the chains and had to re-do that part. The 3rd row had rings in 2 different sizes and when I placed them it threw things off so I had to start again and just as I was saving the final drawing I hit the wrong key while nudging the mouse and shifted a 3 inch drawing to zoom out to half a page in a format where I couldn't hit undo. Grrrrrrr!

I'm stubborn, so I didn't quit. The drawing is done. I think. Like I said it's after 4 in the morning  and who knows what I'm doing.

Here's the picture again.

and a pattern to go with it.

Let me know if anything is out of whack and I'll take another look at it when I'm functional again. I'm signing off for the night. ZZZZZ

It's huge!

I have another snowflake done. It has hearts.  It has points. Just for Muskaan it has a flower. It's 5 bloomin' inches from point to point.

What it doesn't have yet is a pattern.

Working on it.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

It didn't look that way in my head

I was trying for a design with dimpled rings on top of chains like hearts on a telephone pole and I figured it would need some rings part way up the telephone pole to hold it together. After the first heart I realized that the chain up and chain down weren't going to make a pole. There was a gap between making another flower shape. OK, I can live with that, so I kept on tatting. Because I was in a mind set that said heart on a pole I planned on the snowflake points being between the hearts rather than on top of them. As I was finishing the second row and it was buckling like mad and far too open to be useful and I realized it would need another row to get points of any kind on it and the points weren't going to be where I wanted them, so I just decided to quit. PFFT!

I'm not drawing this one.

Test tat anyone?

I tatted another snowflake with dimpled rings since it seems that some of you really liked that idea. This one uses a regular 6 ring daisy as a base which does tighten up the centre and gives it more stability. The chain around the daisy let me climb out on a split chain instead of a split dimpled ring and simplified the pattern. I tatted the row around the hearts (Row 3), using only a single picot over the top of the heart, but when I did the next row to form points over the hearts I needed picots where I hadn't planned any, so I wiggled my hook in between stitches 5 and 6 and did the join anyway. You can see that on the last row I used a stitch count of 6 which worked on my sample, but you may have to use a stitch count of 7 on the chains to compensate or use really tiny picots on Row 3. I've shown the picots on the diagram and it should work OK but I'm not going to re-tat it right now as I'm already on to the next. GRIN

Oh, you wanted to see what I was talking about? Here it is:

I guess you want the pattern too, don't you?
If anyone's feeling adventurous and wants to give this one a try and let me know how it turns out, I'd be much obliged. Otherwise it'll have to wait until I get through this spate of designing for me to have the time to re-tat it.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Hexagon or Snowflake

Hello, hello, anyone here? I found a new bobbin and opted for working with one good and one so so shuttle and whipped through this snowflake that I had roughly sketched out. A proper daisy made with rings would have had a tighter, more structured centre that would have lent the design more stability. I didn't want to repeat the chain up to the sides of the dimpled ring, but still wanted to isolate the heart shape, so there are long connecting chains from side to side. My initial drawing had chains going from the middle of the long chain to the pair of rings over the heart, but I could see as I was tatting it that it was going to make for a huge unsupported chain so I chose to go with a shorter chain joined back to the side of the ring ad 2 short chains between. There are still points. Sort of.

This design is about 4 inches across from point to point, but it's too light and airy to hold it's shape without stiffening. It would be OK hung in a window, but it will flop over hung on a tree and the outline is more hexagon than snowflake. I've designated this design as difficult only because it has a split dimpled ring following a split chain. Some people have a heard time getting a dimpled ring to close and when you add in the complication of making the dimpled ring split, it just makes it that much harder. It's at exactly that point where you've already tatted half of the design and you have to pull extra hard to close the dimpled ring, that the thread is likely to break.

I can't make my mind up whether I like this design or not. I could add another row to make the points more pointy, but after a good night's sleep I think I have an idea for doing it with a proper 6 ring daisy, which luckily I already have tatted! LOL

BTW I'm merrily zipping along designing and drawing snowflakes and posting the results here, but not getting a lot of feedback. Has anyone tried tatting these designs? Any suggestions for new ones?
Off to tat more flakes.

Friday, December 07, 2018

Too many designs. Too little time. Too little thread.

I have some ideas. I planned on doing another snowflake with a daisy centre and I have the daisy tatted with both shuttles full of thread attached. Then I noticed on Facebook several people commenting that they really liked the snowflake with the hearts.... Which sidetracked me into thinking of more designs incorporating hearts... Then I wondered if it would be possible to design something starting with a central ring and really long chains terminating in dimpled hearts... And then I took a look a the daisy and realized that it was the same size as the rose used in the Hearts'N'Flower snowflake. So I started drawing it out and then realized that it's possible but difficult to throw a dimpled ring off the top of another ring. It's even more difficult to do it 6 times in a design.

That's when I pulled up the earlier drawings that utilize chains to make the daisy shape and they'll definitely work.

So now my dilemma. I've misplaced all of my shuttles except for the ones that are too loose and the bobbins spin. Or my wooden ones that take too long to load and unload. Or the ones that are full of thread, but already have a daisy attached to them. I have designs floating in my head that have to get out NOW or I'll lose them and no shuttles available. Do I tat like mad to get the daisy design which is currently laying limp in the back recesses of my noggin and is sure to be a disaster because I'm just not feeling it. Or do I wind a couple of worn out bobbins with rubber inserts and limp along getting these fresh designs out into thread?

Then there's the other problem. I'm running out of white thread. I started this exercise with a full ball of Aunt Lydia's size 20 thread and I can already see the cardboard core. I can feel a bunch more flakes in the offing but I'm going to run out of thread before I run out of ideas and the last time I checked the store, they didn't have any more. Lots of size 10, which I don't need because I was gifted with 20 balls of the stuff that I never use, but no size 20.

There are too many designs that want tatting, not enough time to tat, not enough working shuttles, and not enough thread to play with. It's enough to cause a nervous breakdown!

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Another daisy centre

When I'm designing I have no idea whether I'll need a lot of thread, or just a little bit so I tend to just fill my shuttles and tat. Tatting lots of snowflakes has meant that I've ended up with lots of fairly long cut off thread ends. That can get wasteful so sometimes I just start tatting with the left over bits and add in more left over thread as I run out just to use up the thread bits. Sometimes I end up adding in new thread 2 or 3 times in a small snowflake, but the alternative is throwing out a lot of thread.

I'm playing around with 6 ring daisy centres which usually end with a split ring so that you can climb out to the next row. The last one I did I was using up some of the left over thread from previous snowflakes and I've run out of thread just as I was finishing the daisy so it didn't seem worth while to tat a split ring just to tat a partial chain and then have to stop and add thread. This sort of haphazard way of tatting means that I always have to stop and think about it when I draw it out. I need to draw it for what should be done with full shuttles, not what I actually tatted doing my trial piece.

This next snowflake is the second one I drew out, but the arms look too straight... or maybe not. In any event it's 2.75 inches from point to point.

As usual, here's the pattern.

That makes 12 snowflakes I've designed since November 7th. I'm not including the Chained Flake because it was designed a long time ago and just drawn up recently. I wonder if I can come up with a few more before I run out of steam?

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Baby Flake

I thought I'd try something using a 6 ring daisy. The first attempt made an arm that looked like garbage so I cut it off. I drew out a couple of variations and then started to tat. Here's the first one that I name Baby Flake because it tiny and cute and about the smallest thing you could tat for a snowflake. It's just under 2 inches from point to point.

And since I'd already drawn it before I tatted it, there's a pattern to go with it.

Edited to add: The pattern calls for the last ring in the daisy to be tatted as a split ring so that you can climb out into the next row. Since I did this one in a hurry late at night I neglected to show the split ring in the legend although it is shown in the drawing. See that shaded edge of the ring? That's the split.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Hearts and Flowers

I went to sleep last night thinking about a snowflake with a rose centre surrounded by points with hearts in them. I mentally kicked around several ideas then I pulled up the drawing program to see what it might look like. It kind of looks like this.

Then I sat down and started tatting it. The rose looked like a rose and the hearts surrounded it but when I added the chains around the hearts it looked like petals, not snowflake points. So I added a row with inward and outward facing rings that gave it points. After tatting the first arm it looked like crap. I kept on tatting and amazingly, it looks like a snowflake!

Complete with pattern of course.

Uh-oh BRB

I'm back, did you miss me? I just realized I didn't label the rows, so I had to stop and fix the pattern. Then I realized I'd missed the stitch count for the chain on either side of the dimpled rings. I wanted to keep the lines around the hearts clean so that the hearts would stand out. Although the design is mostly chains the snowflake still holds it's shape, which is good because I hate wet noodle tatting.