Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Not so Mini Snowflake 17

 I never thought when I started playing around with this idea that I'd be able to come up with so many small snowflake designs with a daisy base plus one row of tatting. Just when I think I'm done another idea pops up. 

This one made a nice finished flake with a good lace to space ratio and joining the arms side to side with the small ring made a really stable design that won't flop over after it's hung for a while. The finished size is 3 inches across which makes quite a respectable snowflake.

Have you ever had someone ask you "what is your favourite?" I have, and I never know how to answer. Is my favourite the one the one that is most aesthetically pleasing? Is it the one that is quickest to tat? Is it the easiest to tat?  Is it the one that is most mentally challenging? When I start out each Christmas season to make the snowflakes for our cards, my parameters are often set by, how much tatting time do I have and how much thread do I have on hand as well as what kind of a design am I going to make. Sometimes I go with a simpler design because I'm pressed for time and the intricate one I'd really like to make will just take more hours than I have in a day. So my favourite that year may be the one that I have time to make not the one that I find personally most attractive.

How about you? What kind of parameters make a favourite snowflake for you?


God's Kid said...

That snowflake is awesome!!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

Love your snowflakes, no need to choose a favourite!

muskaan said...

These little rings linking the arms add a whole other level of cuteness 😍
I like your analysis on favoritism. I enjoy a bit of challenge almost always.