Monday, December 09, 2013

Another Snowflake pattern for you

I did this necklace with sequins ages ago and having no purpose for it, it's been hanging off my mirror ever since. I like the look of it and wondered about turning it into a snowflake. The first issue is that the medallion has a 4 sided base and a snowflake has 6 points. Somehow you need to go from tatting multiples of 4 to something divisible by 6. The quick way of doing this is simple multiplication 4x6 gives 24, but who wants to do 24 repeats for a simple little snowflake? Certainly not me. Of course half of that is 12 which just happens to be nicely divisible by both 4 and 6.

The second row of the medallion has 3 sequins on each of 4 sides along with a ring joined to the base of the ring on the first row. I figured it would be simple to just replace the sequins with rings, but keeping to the same design would have resulted in 4 rings and 4 chains on each side or a total of 16 and not the 12 I wanted. So, instead, I went with 3 rings on a side which doesn't frame the centre in the same way, but it works.

Since I was trying to replace the sequins with rings, I used rings of 5-5-5-5 which are kind of large, but the size and numbers worked.

Once I had my 12 outward facing rings, I needed to pare them down to six and create a point for each arm of the snowflake. To keep it simple I just went with larger 6-6-6-6 rings in a 4 ring grouping and an outward facing ring for the point.

The finished snowflake is 4.5 inches point to point done in size 20 thread. It's large open and not very frilly, but I think I like it anyway. Going with smaller rings would make it more petite and delicate looking and of course adding a lot more picots would make it more frilly. Anyway, here is the pattern for you to enjoy.