Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Etsy Shop

I finally came to a decision to add some of the finished pieces I have to an Etsy shop and I'll add more things as they are completed. The gothic choker that everyone seemed to like is in the shop. As are these other items.

Gothic Choker

The choker is about 15 inches in length with a barrel clasp closure but it could easily be made shorter by changing it to a lobster claw closure.

Celtic Braid Bracelet

Some time ago I experimented with a celtic design that I call a celtic braid. It makes a really nice design although it isn't lacy looking. I added beads to this one. It's dark burgundy red thread with light pink beads and light pink thread with dark red beads. It's hard to see the difference in the thread colour once it's tatted. I was going to add either a heart or a flower to the bracelet, but adding them to it didn't improve the bracelet, so I've just left it. It measures about 7.5 inches and has a lobster claw closure. The design has a bit of stretch to it so that it can be slipped over the hand.

Valentine Earrings

These Valentine hearts are about one inch across and have fish hook earrings.

Amulet Bag

This black and turquoise amulet bag necklace is just over 1.5 inches square with an inch of beaded trim and a 24 inch strap matching beaded strap. The folded opening is held down with a transparent dome fastener. It's just the right size to wear as an accessory or hold your favourite tiny treasure.

Here's the link to the Etsy Shop so that you can go check it out for yourself.
It suddenly occurred to me that although I'm in Canada, Etsy is American and I ought to have adjusted prices to reflect that. Well I have done now, so the priices have been lowered to something more sensible.

Monday, February 02, 2009

A golden thank you

Another surprise in the mail today. You may have seen this gold beauty on Jeff's blog. I'm the lucky recipient of this treasure. Trust me, the picture really doesn't do this snowflake justice. It looks flat and lifeless in the picture whereas in reality it sparkles and shines from every angle, with the picots at the tips flashing golden sparks. The Oren Bayan Metallic gold thread seems so much finer and more golden that the DMC gold thread that I am used to, and the work is exquisite. I am truly blessed with such unexpected treasures as the snowflake received last week from Maria and this one from Jeff. Both snowflakes were received with thank you notes for arranging the round robins.

Jeff was one of the participants in the recent snowflake round robin and was actually the group leader who kept things in the group moving forward collected the pictures and information on the snowflakes and posted it to the round robin blog. One of the difficulties with organizing tatting related things like the 25 Motif Challenge, The Tatting Round Robins and more recently the Tatting Books blog, is that I don't have a lot of spare time to participate in exchanges and round robins myself. That's why I really like being able to enjoy them vicariously, only this time, I have some snowflakes of my own to cherish.