Thursday, December 23, 2021

Definitely not mini snowflake 18

I needed a snowflake for gifting and I wanted something a little bit bigger, so this one has the base daisy plus two rows of tatting. It is 3.25 inches point to point and I like the symmetry, but I'm not fond of  "spaghetti chains". That's what I call long unsupported stretches of chains. I want to add another row to give it more stability, but that would wreck the overall look of the design which kind of looks like an explosion going outward.

The larger size of this drawing might have resulted in  hard to see numbers, so let me know if you have a problem with it.

This might end the batch of "mini snowflakes" which is just as well because I don't think I can fit much more on the scanner for a group shot.


Jane McLellan said...

Really beautiful. Possibly my favourite. Oh no, I wasn’t going to choose a favourite!

God's Kid said...

I do believe this is my favorite one!!! :)
So beautiful with such a wonderful ice crystal look!! ;)

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful snowflake, i like the pattern,
I wish you Merry Christmas

muskaan said...

Hands down, this is the best of the 2021 blizzard! Love the burst ... πŸ’–
Although gazing at them collectively, there are some others that stand out, too.
Thanks for all the patterns. Have a great year ahead 🌺🌺🌺