Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reading not blogging

I haven't been blogging. Could you tell? Last summer I fell and hurt my wrist so that I had a hard time using a shuttle or a computer mouse. Both things conspired to drive me crazy, since my usual pass times were severely curtailed. Needing an outlet, I renewed my library card and proceeded to drive hubby nuts driving me back and forth to the library because I don't drive. He wouldn't want me going by myself anyway, just in case something happened to me. He's such a gem.

My library bag will only hold about a dozen books, so it means making a return trip every couple of weeks. You should hear him groan every time he sees my bag parked by the front door. LOL Hubby's a do-er not a reader. His idea of reading is pouring over a technical manual and perusing schematics. For him, a trip to the library is an exercise in patience, but he does it whenever I want, I don't even have to ask him. I just leave my book bag by the door and as soon as he has the time, we go.

My book bag doubles as my craft bag and has tatting on one side. It's a basket of 3D flowers I did the basket and flowers for one of the newsletters and it's perfect for the bag. Surprisingly, no one has ever asked about it. I think most people must think the bag came that way.

All this extra reading means I've been using bookmarks more often. There's the book I read before bed and the one I read while cooking supper and then there's the book I'm not enthralled with that I might finish, or might just return unread.

So the other day while I watched a movie with hubby I decided I needed another bookmark. I wanted something kind of flowery that I could work up without thinking about it too much and I remembered a traditional edging one of the 25 Motif Challenge participants was doing. I've used a similar pattern for hanky edgings before so I had an idea of what it took. I used 6 small rings joined in the middle with short chains and 3 picots in between. Each flower shape is separating by a single ring.

I used some vintage size 80 thread in variegated red/green paired with a solid green. A crocheted chain with a modified flower shape on the end to hang outside the book. Here it is with the ends sewn in, even the ones from the break and the re-start when I ran out of thread. Not bad for a 2 hour movie and a bit of the news.
Of course, now that I have a bookmark, I don't have any books. It's time to go put my book bag by the front door.