Friday, January 11, 2019

Two and a quarter inches

That's how big this little guy is done in size 30 thread. Not especially pretty, but it works up quickly, has the requisite number of points and doesn't have huge empty spaces. It does have spaces, but it has enough structure around it to hold things in place.

It at least merits a drawing.

Muskaan has advised me that on some of the drawings, like the one from January 9th the numbers are blurry and hard to read. I think it's a matter of the drawing conversion on the larger drawings that makes things blur, but as this is a smaller drawing it shouldn't be an issue. She has also pointed out the it's nicer to have a picture with the drawing, but I know that incorporating the picture into the drawing will create other problems so I won't be adding them. I have included the picture with the drawing in the same blog post so I hope you'll be able to work with it as it is.

Here's a Tech Tip my beloved spouse has reminded me of: If you use Google Chrome as your browser you can load the blog post, Right click on it and select Print. When the print dialog is displayed choose Save as PDF. That will create a PDF file of the entire post including both the picture and the diagram and save it on your computer, which, like any other PDF can be displayed at any size you want.


Jane McLellan said...

I like this one, with interesting negative spaces. Thanks for the tip, now I must remember it.

God's Kid said...

I think it's a wonderful snowflake!!! :)

JB said...

Thank you Sharon for the beautiful snowflakes. I have always loved your designs.

muskaan said...

This one is a Beauty - a true flowerflake 🌸🌸🌸