Thursday, October 06, 2022

Another variation

This is another of the bookmarks with a 4 ring motif as a base. This one also has the motifs joined in a square rather than a diamond. The variegated thread in this one is in the inner row of motifs and again the pattern shows separate start points for the motifs and the outer row because of the colour changes.

I don't think I did one utilizing onion rings in the outer row, or one with the outer row with rings laying on the side. So maybe I need to do a few more just so I can experiment some more. The pairs of tiny rings made for a shorter row so this bookmark is a little thinner than some of the others.

I must have been on a roll with these because the inner row of motifs are again all 5-5-5-5 but the tiny pairs of rings are 3-3 and the chains are all 3-2-2-3.

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