Tuesday, May 23, 2023

3d Tatted Flowers

I've been busy. Really. I have. I just haven't taken time to blog about it. Way back when the pandemic started I decided to embroider several large pictures of flowers. I bought frames first and then made pictures sized to fit the frames. I was able to complete the set of 5 I had planned and immediately hung them on the wall. I even managed to find a frame to fit a picture of a bird with flowers that I did some time ago and hang it too.

Then I sat gazing around the room covered in my embroidery and realized there wasn't a single bit of tatting sitting on the wall. Can you imagine that?

I did some small 3D fuchsia flowers in the book Summer Tatting and I thought  they would drape nicely so I did them in a dark red. I added some small pompom shaped chrysanthemums done in a dark gold colour to off set the deep red and then added sprigs of 4 ring forget me nots and a bit of greenery tied together with a satin bow.

The picture turned out pretty good, although the photo is crappy because the glare from the glass made it a stinker to film. I couldn't do just one...could I? 

There is no way I was going to use the same flower or the same colours. So the next one used a wild rose in bright red. A branch of trumpet flowers in pink and a spray of violets in blue. These were all shapes I had done before and I was just winging it on the design.

I managed to find three small 7x9 inch shadow box frames for these pictures, so I just had to do one more, but I was running out of ideas. They had to be 3D and small enough not to get squashed in the shadow box which meant they couldn't stand out too much. For the sake of doing something different, I tried a stalk of delphinium in bright blue. I added a spray of yellow daisy type flowers with brown centres, then finished it off with some purple lily type flowers. Not the most realistic but it works for me.

Now the problem is where to hang them. I've run out of wall space!


muskaan said...

They are all pretty! It's fun to wing it and create beauty 🌿🌺🌿

Jane McLellan said...

Those are great! I’d like to see your embroidered ones too.

Marilee Rockley said...

The tatted flower arrangements are all wonderful!

Margarets designer cards said...

Wonderful tatted flower pictures, I have the same problem I have already run out of space to hang anything