Monday, March 29, 2010

CTC - Big boys and their toys

When you need to buy something for a youngster, you head off to the toy store, but when you want something for the big boys you head off to this store. At least, in Canada you do. No matter whether your sweetie is into building decks or electronic consoles, cars or hunting, fishing or skateboarding, you'll find what you need under this sign.
When the flyer with the familiar logo arrives, the table gets cleared off so that each and every page can be carefully reviewed. My particular sweetie has many talents and interests and this is the one store we visit every week. He thinks I'm being a super understanding wife, but truthfully his lifelong accumulation of hand and power tools means that anytime I need something done, he has the tools for the job and the knowledge to use them. I'm a powerful enabler. If he can make do with the little version, I almost always suggest the bigger, more powerful one. I'm not stupid. I know that if I want a professional job done, he'll need professional tools.

Over the years it has paid off well. Honey, could you move that phone line over here? Sweetie, the washing machine quit. Darling, I need a trellis over there. How about making a bracket for this gizmo? Can we replace this sink? Whatever I've needed, I just ask for and eventually I get just the thing, custom fit, made to order, perfect.

Of course the downside, is that I get to spend a lot of valuable tatting time browsing the shelves of his favourite store. I can't complain. I got the blue screen of death on my PC last week. He had it back up and running in about 10 minutes, during which time I just switched over to the laptop. Last night the dryer quit just as I put a load of towels in to dry at about midnight. Half an hour later it was running again. I could resent the time spent examining the benefits of this tool or that, but what repair company is going to drop in and fix my dryer at midnight?

The store? Canadian Tire, of course, but you'd know that if you were Canadian.


Fox said...

There's one right down Yonge Street,eh, around the corner from where I live. Sweet!
Fox from The Big Smoke..... said...

Canadian Tire and Princess Auto are recipees for tool time terror! You never know when you will need a reciprocating saw!

Unknown said...

Sharon, Canadian Tire is good but if you want to show your man that you really love him take him to Princess Auto. After a visit to this store he will be putty in your hands. For the icing on the cake Lee Valley then he owes you for life.