Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If you tat long enough...

I was doing an update yesterday on the 25 Motif Challenge and noticed a comment made by a newer tatter about how she thought she was finished with a pattern and cut the thread, only to realize seconds later that the design wasn't quite finished. It got me thinking about all the little "I can relate to that." episodes that we all have experienced at one time or other.

Things like:

  • The aforementioned, cutting the thread too soon.

  • Snipping through a picot while trying to cut off the finishing ends

  • Joining to the wrong spot.

  • Missing a picot.

  • Skipping an entire pattern repeat.

  • Running out of thread at the very last ring.

  • Hiding ends and having them pull back out.

  • Starting CTM so that you don't have ends to hide and then making a mistake at the beginning that you have to cut out so that you now have 4 ends to hide.

  • Using an entire ball of thread like a shuttle to avoid having to wind the second shuttle.

  • Unwinding a full shuttle to add beads in because you miscounted when you started.

Now if you can't relate to any of these things, just wait, you will eventually.

Here's something you won't see in my upcoming snowflake book.

As you can see, this design that started with the typical 6 points of a snowflake has devolved to where it would have only 3. What was I thinking?


IsDihara said...

I think your subconscious is working on another project. There are often larger lace projects that combine motifs that need smaller shapes - like triangles - for balance and continuity.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Oh, how I can relate! ; )

Marty said...

I think you were thinking of butterflies -- looks like a wing to me!
I can certainly relate to all those little frustrations. I can't even remember how many times I've cut through a picot. Ouch!

Dale Marie said...

I could check off each one of those! I am so glad I am not alone at least:-) You know, that little mistake of yours could be a good excuse to design a doily. Call it a "happy accident", isn't that what Bob Ross used to say?!

Fox said...

Done them all.... more times than I will admit publically!
Fox : )

Jeff Hamilton said...

I think I've done all of the things you've listed as well. I like your "snowflake". You could finish the one you posted and make another. Then you can layer the two triangles in such a way the points of one are in between the other. Though, I'm guessing you would prefer to make the snowflake in one pass.

DeBD said...

Ah, but if you made six of those snowflake bits and joined then around a centre ring --- what a stunning snowflake that would be!