Saturday, October 14, 2006

What I've been doing

I haven't been doing much lace for the newsletter or for the 25 motif challenge mostly because I've been doing this. DMC gold thread on white satin, a gift for my brother and his wife who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. The lettering is embroidered in chain stitch using 2 strands of the same thread. This heart has turned out to be a useful little pattern and I've decided to put it in the next newsletter.


Jon Yusoff said...

Your brother and his wife are going to love this piece.

I have visited your page here a few times, trying to read all your write-ups about designing, but have not managed to go over all of them. Can I print them out so I can read them later and really understand them?

Thank you for your comment on my snowflake - 'Festive', I think that describes it very well.

Sharon said...

Yes of course you can print out the info. I DO like that snowflake you designed and it was clever to use the SCMRs so that it looks like it's all rings.