Monday, February 11, 2019

Did it again

I thought I'd start with a 4 ring motif and drew out what looked like a decent first half of a heart pattern and began to tat it. The first side went great, then I started working back up the second side.

See the problem? No? Well follow the yellow brick road and look at what happens when you tat it in reverse. There's another cloverleaf (not shown) on the bottom but then when you try to work it up the second side you join into the previous join...Wait a minute, there is no previous join because that part doesn't exist yet. OK. just slip in a paperclip or safety pin or scrap of thread as a marker and continue tatting...Oops, there's another one, and another. Rats, they're all over the place. The only sane way to do this design is in 2 pieces. Right side, left side and finish with the cloverleaf on the bottom.

Phooey!!! And it was going so well up until then. That's the second drawing I've done that looked good on paper, but was a stinker to execute.

On another note - did you see what Muskaan did with the January 31st heart and flower design? First she did the dimpled ring and the little bottom ring in one colour and the rest of the heart in a second colour. Then she did the dimpled ring in red, the flowers in yellow surrounded in green with an outline in a creamy beige. Outstanding! I may be able to design patterns, but I doubt that I'll ever have her flair for colour.


Jane McLellan said...

Yes, theory and practice don’t always match up!

God's Kid said...

Not everything works, but you sure do have a lot that does work!!! :)

muskaan said...

Ooo, I'm thrilled that you liked my tatted versions! This is what friendly challenges do - bring out the best, hopefully :-D