Saturday, May 29, 2010

32 of 30?

I have 32 of 30 designs tatted and diagrammed. Anyone see anything wrong with that number? I've already started pulling them into publication and doing the usual checking it twice routine and adding the step by step instructions and it's about 20% done. Or not. That 32 out of 30 number is to blame.
Last night the guys were here again. You know, those tech guys who are supposed to make my Air go. When they put in the new furnace we asked specifically if the air conditioning would work with the new furnace and we were assured that it would. When they installed it we asked them to check and make sure that both heat and air would work. It's hard to make the A/C come on when the outdoor temp is -0. It didn't so they tried again rewiring it so the both heat and air could come on. Then they replaced the thermostat. After which they replaced the circuit board which threw out all of the original wiring. When we hit record high temperatures earlier this week we tried the central A/C and although the unit came on no air was circulating. So we called our friendly guys to come and take a look at it.

The fan, which should come on with heat or air or by itself; only comes on with heat. They were sure that it was wired right and that the problem was the circuit board so they ordered a new board and a couple of days later they came back and installed it. It wasn't the circuit board. so then they thought it was the fan and ordered a new one. Yesterday they came back to install the fan. It wasn't the fan. They don't know what it is.

While they were taking the furnace apart to install the new fan I had uninterrupted tatting time and I decided to re-do some of the snowflakes in colour so that I can applique them onto a shirt. In size 20 thread several of them are 3 to 5 inches across. The plan is to attach 3 in a group add either a tatted or embroidered stem although I guess I could use ribbon which would be faster and I'd have a bouquet of flowers on my shirt. The blue snowflake is the first one so I was looking for compatible colours to go with it so I thought I'd try out Lizbeth Summer Fun.
Here it is unblocked. Yuck! The colours are pretty but the colour change is too short. It may work better when matched with a solid. I kind of knew that as soon as I had it wound on the shuttle, but I was hoping it would work. Anyone besides me keep going when you already know it's a mistake?

That left me no no alternative. I re-did it in Raspberry and now I'm on to my 3rd snowflake. I love the way this design works. the upside down dimpled rings with the join in the middle are a bit tricky.

I also want to do a couple of the snowflakes in size 80 so see how they do as bookmarks.

I have more projects on the go than hours in the day. I guess that explains why I haven't done a 25 Motif Challenge update in a while.


Martha said...

I know what you mean here. I just realized my in progress 28 page book has 29 pages. Do I trim a pattern or make a few more for 32 pages?

The flower/flake is lovely, but it's that second tease photo that has me intrigued.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I rather enjoy reading your stories about repair problems because the way you tell them, they're somewhat amusing! It's like one of those serials where you tune in next week to find out what happened. Kind of shakes my faith in technology and technicians, though, especially when they 'don't know what it is'! Can you at least open windows and run fans?

I think the snowflake in Lizbeth Summer Fun is actually quite nice.
Of course the Raspberry lets one see the pattern, which is very unique. You certainly have a way with designs!

No need to apologize for not updating the 25 Motif Challenge. We all understand you have lots of 'challenges' of your own!

God's Kid said...

I love the colors! :)

N. Maria said...

I am surprised that I like the tatting "as is". The solid colored one is beautiful, too.
Maybe I like the variegated one, with the short bursts of color, because the tatting is so wonderful! :)