Thursday, November 21, 2019

This one's blue

I haven't blogged in ...forever..., but I didn't drop off the face of the earth. One of our neighbours lost his wife earlier this year and he's understandably finding it hard to cope. According to him, his adult son who lives with him spends most of his time in his room barely talking to his dad. He leaves Friday night and drives up north to stay with his friend over the weekends and comes home Sunday in time to sleep, so our neighbour feels like he might as well be living alone and it's been really hard on him.

Consequently he's been spending most of his time here, joining us for supper several times a week, which has impacted our home life, but it's what we would like other people to do for us and we don't mind. We have an extensive library of movies and we've been playing them to help him keep his mind off his loss. Grieving is a process and it will just take time, but being able to focus on anything but her death helps him to adjust to life without her. Needless to say, I haven't been able to do much tatting.

I did get another doily done. This one is in blue, which is my favourite colour. This is a small one, only about 9.5 inches across, but it's big enough to fit under the table light. I'm not a fan of doilies with floppy ragged edges, but at this point it just looked finished to me and when I contemplated making it larger I knew I'd have to repeat the large negative spaces and to add enough of a border around that was going to make for a very big doily with some very big holes in it and I knew I didn't have enough thread on hand to do it, so I've called it done.


muskaan said...

It does look pretty, and those motifs look like watchful cats 🐱💕😃

God's Kid said...

It's a wonderful design!!! :)
How great of you to help your neighbor like that!! So many people figure it's too much to help someone out nowadays, especially if it is something that will take a long time.

Margarets designer cards said...

Very pretty and lovely pattern, great colour