Sunday, February 04, 2024

Amazon delivery at it's finest

No. Not really.

I ordered a shirt in January with an anticipated delivery sometime in February or March. I wasn't bothered by a delay in receiving the package and noticed yesterday that it had already cleared customs so I was expecting it in a day or two.. This evening we noticed a lump of what looked like garbage in the middle of our lawn. 

Not garbage. My shirt lying in the mud where it was tossed. Literally thrown out of the roof of the delivery vehicle as you can see in this  MP4 file below, taken from our CCTV cameras. It's a 90 MB file so it'll take a while to load.


Jane McLellan said...

How annoying. Completely unacceptable.

muskaan said...

Can you lodge a complaint - you even have solid proof!

Margarets designer cards said...

I am afraid it seems to be their way of delivering, I have had more than one delivery left in the rain on the doorstop with an email saying it was delivered and put in the customers letter box, I did not know my doorstep was a letter box. complaining does nothing, but I would have certainly tried to complain anyone could have picked it and walked off with it