Saturday, June 18, 2011

Not in my garden

Yellow is not my colour of choice. You may remember when I tatted the cover for the chocolate box, that one of my problems was the lack of yellow thread. Yellow, orange and green aren't colours that I gravitate toward. If fact I have bought, in my entire life, exactly 2 balls of yellow thread and 2 balls of orange, one of which was purchased to crochet a pumpkin for somebody else. I have bought more green, only because flowers need leaves.

When we went out to the garden centre I was looking for some perennials to perk up the garden. So tell me, exactly how did this happen?

Then a couple of days later, this appeared on my lawn. Not only is there a plethora of yellow and orange, they're all stinky marigolds. I HATE the smell of marigolds. I tolerate them in my garden in small quantities just to keep the cats from using the flower garden as a little box. The cats like them about as much as I do.

Me beloved other half, on the other hand, absolutely adores large yellow and orange flowers. So after creating and filling one garden with lots of yellow and orange, immediately went out and blew the budget on buying twice as many of the stinking things for the second garden. The only perennials in the whole bunch where a couple of Asian lilies. I don't hold out much hope for the lilies making it through the winter as the squirrels love to dig them up and eat them. They can have the yellow and orange one, but they'd better leave the burgundy and white one alone.

The other day we came across a new garden centre and had to peek inside. I was looking for something blue or maybe a new rose in red or pink. Guess what we came home with? More stinking marigolds and a bunch of packets of marigold seed so that he can grow more of the wretched things.

But today, today we bought this, much more in my preferred palette of pink and purple and blue. Not a yellow or orange to be seen. The blue clematis has gone to the back yard, and if I get a chance I'm going to grab some more rose bushes, NOT in yellow.


Fox said...

So, Sharon, tell me; how do you feel about marigolds?
Fox : )) Thanks for the laugh! ♡

Gina said...

I hate the smell of marigolds too but they do add a bright cheerful spot to the garden. I prefer the blues and purples and I do like yellow but in other flowers, not marigolds. Even so, I typically plant some because they are so easy to grow and quickly, so that there is a happy spot in the flower bed if all else dies before its time!

Margarets designer cards said...

I got the message you dont like marigolds, did you know that if you grow tomatoes plant a few marigolds planted around the base of the tomato plants will keep off pests off the tomato plants, thats the only thing going for marigolds.
Also they give the garden a bright spot of colour and keep flowering all summer if you dead head them.
I hope your husband enjoys his plants.

Suztats said...

I'm not a marigold fan either, but always planted them with my tomatoes to keep away pests.