Wednesday, January 02, 2019

The results are in

I was a little surprised at the results of my inquiry as to which design the public liked the most. I had well over 100 responses which kind of blows my mind. Some people couldn't choose and 23 people just said they like them all. Some people couldn't make up their minds and chose several but here's how the numbers worked out.

Number 7 was the favourite with 15 votes.
Number 10  and number 14 each got 11 votes.
Number 23  and number 25 each got 10 votes.
Number 5 got 9 votes.
Number 8, one of the designs I rejected got 8 votes.
All of the others got lesser votes.

19-26 were tatted in size 30 thread so they're proportionately smaller than the others.
25 which was quite popular is also the simplest design being just a central ring with one row of tatting.

A lot of people on Facebook were looking for a book with these patterns in them, but all except for 15 are already here. To make things simpler I'm just going to list them here with the link to the appropriate blog post. The designs were tatted fast and furious and were named unimaginatively for the day in which they were created. So here they all are

 1- November 2018 Snowflake
 2- December 2018 Snowflake
 3- November 28 2018 Snowflake
 4- Snow-11-21-2018
 5- November 27 2018 Snowflake
 6- November 28 2018 Snowflake
 7- December 2 2018 Snowflake
 8- 12-2-2018 Snowflake
 9- December 3 2018 Snowflake
10-Hearts'N'Flower Snowflake
11-Baby Flake
12-Dec 6 2018 Snowflake
13-Daisy Heart Snowflake
14-Daisy Ring Heart Snowflake
15-No Pattern
16-Dec 11 Heart Snowflake
18-12-23-2018 Snowflake
19-12-24-2018 Snowflake
20-12-25-2018 Snowflake
21-12-26-2018 Snowflake
22-12-27-2018 Snowflake
23-12-28-2018 Snowflake
24-12-30x-2018 Snowflake
25-12-30y-2018 Snowflake
26-12-30z-2018 Snowflake

Hope you all have fun tatting them, I sure did designing them.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Thank you, Sharon! Your snowflakes are fabulous!

Cindy said...

It is interesting how everyone has such a different opinion - and your rejects are someone else’s favorite. Thanks so much for designing these snowflakes - and now placing all the links in one place is so helpful! Best Wishes :)

muskaan said...

I agree with Cindy !

Margarets designer cards said...

Interesting how different designs were liked and I wonder if different designs were liked more in one country than another
I still have no favorite they are still all too lovely to choose

Madtatter80 said...

Thanks for this great summery I loved going down this rabbit hole and it was fun! Thanks for the pattern too!

Jane McLellan said...


muskaan said...

I was trying to determine on this collage which 10 I've tatted so far and noticed that Little Flake is missing ?!!
Does that take the total to 27?