Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Things were zipping right along, but after the last join...

I was looking for a snowflake, not an umbrella. Rats!

Next try, more like it. Number 20. Ta Da!
Not quite 3 inches across done in size 30 thread. Over the years I've developed calluses along the top joint of my left baby finger from constantly wrapping the thread around it doing chains. Except for after nearly a year of minimal tatting the tough skin has gone soft. When I switched to the finer size 30 thread I found it cutting into the joint and I've nearly cut through the skin. Ouch.

This one's pretty and lacy and snowflake-y and of course there's a pattern. Although if my hands don't toughen up, there may not be too many more.
Hope y'all had a good Christmas. The joy of the season is Jesus.

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God's Kid said...

Fabulous snowflake!!! :)
Hope you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas!!! :)