Monday, January 14, 2019

I get a chuckle out of it

I've been designing tatting patterns for over 30 years and I guess if these last couple of months are any indication I'm what you might call prolific. Today I had reason to go search for patterns online and I'm absolutely thrilled when I see that other people have taken the time to tat one of my patterns and sometimes see that they've done totally unexpected things with them. Occasionally I'll see a design and think I really like that one and then I find out it's one of mine! I get a chuckle out of seeing other people tat my designs and a bigger chuckle out of seeing something I created that I've forgotten all about.

See when you design a lot and tat fast there's a lot of lace "out there" with your name on it, that you've forgotten you created. That happens especially when I wander through Pinterest or similar sites. It probably seems odd to the average tatter, that a designer might not recognize their own creations, but I have over a thousand drawings, partial drawings and test drawings in my main folder, and that's not  including any of the subfolders, so that's a lot of "stuff" and it's easy to forget things you did years ago. Some of the snowflakes I did last month are already becoming a faint memory, as I'm on to the "next thing".

Speaking of next things, here's one. It's about 2 inches wide and 2.5 inches long. I'm not thrilled with any of these heart designs. They're OK, just not really wonderful. Of course, what do I know? The poll done for the snowflakes indicated that a lot of the designs I didn't care for were designs that others couldn't wait to tat!

Is anyone surprised that it's another heart? Oh yeah, I guess you want the pattern too.

I used a larger format for this drawing, so let me know if the numbers are still blurry. I didn't number the rows, but I think you can figure it out. I'm off to try out another idea.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Left over thread

The only excuse for this mediocre design, is thread left on the shuttles, making a heart about one inch square.

I had more thread so there's another one about 1.5 inches square.

It sort of reminds me of something I saw a while ago and both of these designs are so simplistic there may be other similar designs floating about in Tat land. I'm not trying to step on any toes, so if I've duplicated someone's design I'll apologize now.

Before I forget, Pattern, such as it is.
More to follow.....

Zipping along making snowflakes and... POOF!

Look what happened! It's not a snowflake. How on earth did I end up with this? It's about 2.5 inches long and 2.75 inches wide done in Lizbeth size 20 Christmas Red.

There's a pattern here somewhere.

After the recent comments about the numbering being hard to read, I've adjusted the picture sizing. Let me know if you still have trouble reading it.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

I'm not impressed

With this design. It's kind of skimpy, but sometimes that's what you want from something you're going to mount where you want the background to show through. It's a quick easy tat about 2.5 inches across in size 30 thread.

It was too easy not to share the pattern.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Two and a quarter inches

That's how big this little guy is done in size 30 thread. Not especially pretty, but it works up quickly, has the requisite number of points and doesn't have huge empty spaces. It does have spaces, but it has enough structure around it to hold things in place.

It at least merits a drawing.

Muskaan has advised me that on some of the drawings, like the one from January 9th the numbers are blurry and hard to read. I think it's a matter of the drawing conversion on the larger drawings that makes things blur, but as this is a smaller drawing it shouldn't be an issue. She has also pointed out the it's nicer to have a picture with the drawing, but I know that incorporating the picture into the drawing will create other problems so I won't be adding them. I have included the picture with the drawing in the same blog post so I hope you'll be able to work with it as it is.

Here's a Tech Tip my beloved spouse has reminded me of: If you use Google Chrome as your browser you can load the blog post, Right click on it and select Print. When the print dialog is displayed choose Save as PDF. That will create a PDF file of the entire post including both the picture and the diagram and save it on your computer, which, like any other PDF can be displayed at any size you want.

Star, Snowflake or Garbage

Snowflake or Star of David?
Blocked with in an inch of it's life and it still won't lay flat. Row 1 needs to be smaller or row 2 needs to be larger, which means row 3 needs to be larger... It's too open and too flimsy and in other words I'm calling this design a fail.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dimples: Cute on the face and in lace

I had a couple of people ask me how I got the heart shapes in some of the recent snowflakes. For those who haven't seen these before, they're called dimpled rings and they aren't that hard to make.  Dimpled rings are usually larger rings, and it's easier to work them if you tat a little bit looser than normal.

The first ring in this picture is a standard ring of 10-10-10-10.

The dimpled ring starts out the same way, 10 stitches and a join, Then it's 6 stitches for the "bump" of the heart and a small picot. Make sure to keep the picot small or the dimple will spread out too much. The dimple of this ring is 4 stitches, folded back on themselves when you do the join into the small picot.

Make sure to keep the picot small or the dimple will spread out too much. The dimple of this ring is 4 stitches, folded back on themselves when you do the join into the small picot.
The picture above shows the join being made. The next picture shows what it looks like right after you do the join.

Rings can be tight and hard to close under normal circumstances. A ring folded back on itself can be even harder to close, so I usually pull the thread to close the ring a little and open it a little at this point, just to make sure that the core thread will slide. Then finish the ring with 6 stitches for the second bump and 10 stitches to finish it off. Then close the ring like normal.

See? Dimples aren't they cute? Just normal rings with attitude.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Guess what?

More snow. Are you surprised? I think I'm running out of ideas for the centres. Of course sometimes just when I think there's nothing new to try, weird ideas pop up and I'm off again. This last one has some pretty big negative spaces which made it weird and open looking and floppy until I added the last round. It's 3.75 inches from point to point done in size 30 thread and it probably wouldn't look very good in size 20 thread because the negative spaces would probably be too big. But maybe not.

The first row would make a cute tiny little snowflake about an inch across, which would be cute as a button cover or earrings or a little something to add to stationary. There are 5 rows on this design which allows for a more intricate design, but it also means more tatting, if your in a hurry for the end results. As usual, the pattern follows and that makes a total of 29 designs for the current spate of creativity.

29 is an odd number... maybe I should go for 30. Wait a minute, I'm experiencing deja vu didn't I say something like that already?

Edited to add: Muskaan has informed me that numbers in the printout of this diagram are hard to read, so I've just changed the picture size to Large to help with that problem. If the diagram gets too big it won't print on one page and personally, when I work from an online diagram I want the whole thing on a single page so that I can print it and take the page with me to tat. I hate it when I have several pages I have to stick together to work from. Let me know if you have any problems.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

I should have known

It's easier to draw a pattern right after I've created it, since the numbers and execution are fresh in my mind. That's why a lot of the time I have the design and drawing done almost simultaneously. After the recent spate of snowflakes I though all of you rabid tatters would be satiated on the glut of patterns. But-- Not you. Never. There are never enough patterns. I agree by the way and I should have know to post the diagrams for the 2 latest creations. So here they are. I agree with Muskaan that the first one falls short as a snowflake, but after I reached this point I though it might make a distinctive floral centre for a doily and I might revisit it with that in mind. It might be fun, just for the challenge to tat it into a square doily which means converting the 6 points of a snowflake into the 4 points of a square. Can you imagine it?

The next one was fun to play with working from a chained central motif into a 6 point snowflake.

There's another design on the shuttles, but when I filled in the gaps It came out round so I have to pull out the points of the snowflake again.  I'm not sure if I'm going to stay on snowflakes for a while or if I'll switch over to something else, maybe hearts or 3D flowers. If I'm going to keep on with snowflakes I'm going to have to order some white thread online as none of the local stores carry anything except size 10.