Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's your favourite patttern?

That's a trick question. You don't think so? Then let me ask you this:
Think of all of the motif patterns that you like. Now imagine having to tat it in a hurry because it has to be done by a deadline. Is it still your favourite pattern? If you had to tat something in a rush, would you rather tat a complex design with a lot of cluny leaves, or something simpler? See what I mean? You might find one design more aesthetically pleasing to look at, but it might require a lot more work to tat. On the other hand, some designs might be a favourite to tat, but they might not be a favourite to look at.
Some people tat because they just like tatting. Some people want to see the finished product. Some people want a challenge. Some people want variety. Some people want different things at different times. Some times I like to just vegetate with my tatting. I want to work on auto pilot and get up from my tatting with a finished piece of lace that I didn't have to think about too much. Some times I have an idea in mind and I want to create something new so it's a little more mentally challenging, like upside down dimpled rings.
Other times I'm tatting to create something that will be a gift and if I have the time to plan things in advance, I want it to be exquisite, original, unique and beautiful.

Of course I'm one of those people, you know, the ones that procrastinate, thinking that they can do a week's worth of work in a couple of days. So I often get to the first week of December and I haven't even started my Christmas tatting. If that isn't crazy enough I start adding in friends and neighbours that I think would like a little bit of tatting in their Christmas stocking. Or the week before a wedding I'm wondering if I have time to do edgings for a set of place mats or some other equally impossible task. So I have patterns that are my favourite to tat because they're fast to work up. And I have patterns that are my favourite because they are pretty when they are done. And I have patterns that are my favourite because they're a little of both. I've hit another milestone, as I've designed, tatted, blocked and diagrammed 25 of the planned 30 snowflakes for the new book and I was just thinking that this collection has a little of everything. Some mindless tatting, some mind bending tatting, some simple and some complex. I know a lot of people like to start doing their Christmas tatting early in the year, because, unlike me they don't procrastinate. By Christmas time they have lots of lovelies finished and ready to go. With this collection there will be enough snowflakes for everyone to have a favourite.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

That's a good question! My favorite pattern for relaxing is Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel glass mat (surprise surprise). To show someone I care, I like to tat a cross bookmark. For Christmas, I love to tat snowflakes. With that in mind, I'm really looking forward to your new book!

Fox said...

Unlike Diane, if I had to tat the Spinning Wheel glass mat too many times I would go mad! I find it a stressful pattern.

Because I have been tatting for less than two years, I try not to repeat patterns as I am trying to learn different things - except for "Heats Desire".

I seem to have done that one a lot, given it away, tatted it just for the pleasure of the pleasing design.

I never really relax when tatting as I still feel challenged by everything I begin.

Ah, you asked and I do go on... I am much comfortable communicating with words than tatting with the same digits!

Long-winded Fox

Marty said...

Favorite? I don't really have favorites, but I do have some I just plain don't like! 25 of 30 -- getting closer -- I'm saving up!

Imoshen said...

I have some I keep doing because of auto-pilot, muscle memory, whatever you want to call it. Most of my favorites are the ones that are the more eye pleasing rather than either complex or simple.If its eyecandy, I'll take a shot at it. LOL

Carolivy said...

I like them all too. I tat because I love it and I tat whenever I can. I like to challenge myself with new things or designs, so I don't really have a favorite pattern. I can tat fast if I have to, but I prefer to go slower and enjoy the process. I do find tatting to be relaxing and have even been known to do it when I can't sleep to help get me