Wednesday, May 26, 2010


If you visit this blog regularly you will remember that earlier this year we had a new furnace installed, which promptly quit on the coldest day of the year. After 5 or 6 service calls they finally got it working. This week in Toronto we are having record breaking heat, and guess what?

The fan in the new furnace won't come on with the air conditioning. So now on the hottest day of the year, we have no cold.
While trying to stay cool in my upstairs office, I did manage to finish my sister's birthday present. It's a couple of days late, but since she's gone out of town and doesn't know I'm giving her anything anyway, I'm not going to beat myself up about it. The picture doesn't do it justice because it's a shadowbox frame which isn't apparent from the picture. but between the poor lighting and the reflection from the glass, this was the best I could do and I wanted to make sure I remembered to actually take a picture before it's gone.

Edited to add new picture. The sunlight might have helped but you still don't get the 3D quality that's there in real life. Maybe it would work better if I threw the picture down on the scanner.

Anyway, here are the stats. The flower in the centre is the Irish Rose from my Marvelous Motifs book done in Lizbeth Violet/Pink Dark. The smaller bud is similar using just the base flower with 6 repeats instead of 8, and one less row. Then it was folded and shuttle joined at the edge to hold it in place. The bud at the tip was a half size centre ring with one pattern repeat zigzagged back and forth and again folded and shuttle joined at the tip.

The Pink flower is some no name perle cotton done with a row of ring and chain for the first row and a vertical row of smaller ring and chain joined to the rings of the first row. Three rings joined to each other make the little ball in the middle which was just knotted onto the central rings and the ends pulled to the back of the flower. The smaller pink flower is a basic daisy.

The blue flowers were tatted in Lizbeth Bright Turquoise Dark. They are basically 5 onion ring joined around a central ring.

The thread ends were taken to the back of the flowers and then tatted over to make the green stems. I think doing the stems took longer than the flowers and at one point I considered just wrapping the green thread around the ends. The leaf is just graduated ring and chain up one side and down the other.

I cut card stock to fit the frame and glued the flowers down with white school glue. Before anyone thinks I ruined some perfectly good tatting with glue, you'll be happy to know that I glued the pearl, not the lace and I glued the stems, not the flowers. The whole thing was formed in place and just glued in a couple of spots, which even if it yellows will be underneath and not show.


Fox said...

It looks very pretty!

I have no air at work, home or in the car. I am thinking of sneaking into the medical building down the road, to sit sitting in a few waiting rooms...think anyone'll notice? LOL!
Burning Fox : )

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I'm just now catching up on your posts, and already I'm tired out! Good grief, no A/C !!

Your gift to your sister is amazing! You lost me somewhere in the middle of the flowers, with 'folding and joining'!

Then there's the SKYPE discussion - far out in another galaxy for me, but does sound very cool and helpful for teaching! Can't imagine me using a webcam!

The 'Favorite Pattern' post got me thinking about how at this stage I just like to do 'mindless' tatting or simiple patterns, but I'm fascinated by the variegated threads and want to play with them; and I DO want to try so many patterns I've collected. (Of course, I still have the slipper pattern to finish and am having trouble with distractions!)

I also don't even think about Christmas gifts until December! And I usually just take photos of my tatting for my cards - although I have made a few things for my nieces, hoping they'll keep them in the future.

I can't believe how hard you're working on EVERYTHING, not to mention keeping up with the blogs. Sure hope you get that air working!

Sharon said...

Fox, that's why we have Timmies LOL
Kathy I promied some folks I'd explain how I turned the rose design from the book into a flower spray. It makes more sense when you have the original pattern to refer to.