Saturday, May 22, 2010


I've just realized that with very little modification 2 of the snowflake designs can be made into 3D snowflakes. That's a good thing, but in order to show you how it looks I have to actually tat them. One is small and won't take that long but the other is nearly 5 inches across. I already need to re-tat all or part of one of the other 3D flakes because I joined one of the arms at a point where I shouldn't have. Just cutting the join will fix it, but to do it properly I really ought to re-tat it.

What's not so good, is that I want to re-make several of the snowflakes which are pinned to my board to make colourful flowers that I can add onto some T-shirts. That's why one of the snowflakes is blue. I need to tat 2 more in colour for what I have planned and then sew down every blessed picot for easy wash and wear care.

What's also on the agenda is to tat some semi 3D flowers to mount in a frame as a birthday present for my sister. Her birthday is the 25th of May.

I also need to tat the designs from the folks in the Design-Tat class. Enough of them have been posted now that I can just sit down and tat them.

I'd like to do all of these things and start pulling the diagrams for the snowflakes into the software for publishing and I'd like to do it all this weekend. Good thing it's a long weekend.
The eagle eyed among you will have noticed this number. It's that close that I want this baby done!

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