Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bookmark in solid colours

I did another bookmark to send to my sister for her birthday. This one is done in 2 solid colours of vintage size 80 thread with a single end. I had to hide the end of the green shuttle 2 thread and the new end of the pink cloverleaf thread while fiddling with the spacer on a tiny bit of chain and since I don't mind sewing in ends I opted for sewing in the pink end. I was using a safety pin to hold the core thread open for that first join and the weight of the row of split rings wanted to bend in one direction and the weight of the safety pin wanted to bend in the opposite direction which kept making the tiny bit of chain twist.
I started this one after supper last night and sent it off in the mail this morning to my sister for her birthday. I hope she likes it.


Arty Lady's blog said...

This is just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the pattern, I will try to make it although may be a little advanced for me.

Fox said...

You are sure speeedeee!!!
Slower-than-a-turtle, Fox : )