Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Where has all the Yellow gone?

Notice anything about this palette of thread colours? There's no orange and very little yellow. Day lilies, which is what I'm thinking my recently failed snowflake most resembles, are yellow and orange and ochre and bronze and all of those shades of yellow and orange that I don't buy. They aren't colours that I like, so when I go to buy thread I grab the red/pink/purple/blue shades and come home to tat flowers. That's when I realize that I need green for leaves. I'm getting better at remembering to buy leaf colours, but that yellow in the middle of the flower I keep forgetting. I bought a ball of yellow thread once several years ago and it's almost gone. What looks like a creamy yellow in the picture is really just an off white ball of thread. The left over yellow I have is not an especially appealing shade of yellow, but it's what was available at the time.

I knew I was getting low on some thread colours, so I've recently put in an order for more thread.

Guess what? I ordered blue and navy, red and pink, purple and mauve, green and.......not a yellow or an orange to be seen.

I tend to buy thread for the project I'm working on at the moment and use it up. So if I'm in a store that sells thread, which isn't that often, and I don't have a particular project in mind, I can't think of what to buy. Recently I was in a sewing machine repair shop and found some Sulky thread that I have heard tatters talk about so I bought some. I'll bet you can't guess what colours I came away with.
Pink and purple with matching variegated shades. It looks like the flower will be on hold for the foreseeable future.


Isdihara said...

Your stunning lack of yellow reflects your love of jewel tones or maybe even precious gems! Either way, you've got great taste. What type and size of thread do you like to work with?

Perhaps you could trade with someone else who is looking to branch out, away from yellows and oranges?

Marty said...

This made me giggle -- your stash looks like mine! Lots of blues, greens, purples but very little yellow. I do have some and I even have a bit of brown. I don't use 'em, though.

Beelizabeth said...

What's going on?? I have exactly the same problem!