Monday, January 28, 2008

Tatting, or the lack of it

This is a Suncatcher I designed for Nell. I was working from a picture of a snowflake trying to re-create it in lace. It doesn't really look like the picture, but it came out looking pretty. When I get a minute (HA!) I'll re-do it in colour with beads.

At the moment I have the piece I showed earlier, which is still incomplete. I have a bookmark with woven picots that I did the drawing for, and then realized that in thread, what I had drawn was going to require very long split chains with joins on the split chains. It's do-able, but it's a stinker, so I cut it off for a design that is less like the picture in my head and more like something the average tatter can do without becoming stark raving mad.

I had the idea that the bookmark would be a gift for a guy, but the dimpled hearts just scream feminine, so I need to create yet another design tout de suite.

Another of the designs I'm working on is looking more like an amoeba that what it's supposed to be and I'm glad I used the ever plentiful white thread for the test run rather than the colours I was going to use. I have 3 variations of appendages and none of them is quite right yet. Facial features may be a total write off.

I'm itching to start on the petit point to tatting design and I have it all charted out and ready to start but there are other things getting in the way. (see above)

I'm thinking of applying as an instructor at the Creative Festival, but I might be too late for the Spring show. If I miss it I may try for the Fall show.

In the mean time today is my day to sort out all of the round robin entries and contact people about THAT, and here I sit writing in a blog. Can you say Procrastinate?


Gina said...

I like the suncatcher! Seeing how busy you are creating new designs reminds me that I found a heart from one of your older newsletters that I still haven't made and want to....sigh...soon!
:-) Gina

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Petit point to tatting! Ooh, I can't wait to see what you design!

Nellie said...

Thanks Sharon! The wind catcher is absolutly beautiful. I am still hunting for my earring (large ring) findings, and will tat and send a picture soon! I feel special having a pattern designed for me! I appreciate it!!