Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Toy

The camera, not the bird. This may mean a pod cast is in the future. Going from 1.5 megapixels to 12 is like going from night to day. This little stinker is good for a couple of hours of filming and does terrific macro shots. I haven't had a chance to play yet, hubby is still tinkering with it. Once we got it home he was all set to return it until he discovered that it would do video too, so that was a nice bonus.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

What fun! I keep getting hand-me-down digital cameras... 2 so far. I'm not complaining. I just can't justify buying a new one. Mine's a little heavy to use one-handed!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

What kind of camera is it? I am in the market for a new digital camera that takes good macro. I love your birdy! I am a bird person too!
Hope you do a podcast, that would be fun!