Sunday, January 06, 2008


I started replying to comments and then figured it would be just as easy to reply here. Our first digital camera was given to us, but lately we've been getting the 'out of range' message more and more often. It seems like after over 20 years of use, it's finally giving out so getting a new one was becoming more and more of a necessity. Since 3D subjects like the snowmen here, just don't fit in the scanner. Bad angle, bad lighting, shaky hands and still it takes a decent picture. Going from 1 to 12 megapixels makes a huge difference.
We got a Kodak Z1275 and it's a nice little 12 megapixel camera, add in the 5x zoom and it's pretty sweet. At the time Rob took the picture of Dusty she had her feathers all fluffed up. The sort of pixellated look of the feathers on the top of Dusty's head is just the look of the individual feathers.
The focal point for the macro is about 8 inches and each time I've tried to get hubby to test it, the batteries have been dead. He's been running it nearly non-stop since we got it home and each time I've reminded him to test out the macro the batteries have been shot. So, we've tried it to know that it works, but the camera shuts off because the batteries are shot.

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