Friday, June 23, 2006

Wedding Album
Well, I'm half way around the first round of the rectangular frame for the front of the album. It's a pattern from my Tatted Lace Pattern Collection that I now have on CD, called Hearts and Flowers. I'll add another row of ring and chain to the inside to make a wider edging. I'm doing it in size 20 thread with 3mm seed beads on the dip of each dimpled ring. I think I'll do the ring and chain edging with a small ring thrown off the top of the chain and join that ring to the middle picot of the chain on the first row.

I'm not going to do the big heart shaped frame that I did for the first album. You can see thumbnail pictures of the first album on my website. The rectangular picture frame is near the middle of the page and the heart frame is below it. For this album I want to do something musical so I'm thinking of tatting some musical notes and embroidering their names inside the notes I may do some crocheted chain for the straight lines although I'd really like to do it all tatted. Time is against me on this one. I went into the fabric store and they are renovating and out of dress fabrics right now. I have a choice of plain white cotton or traipsing out to another store. If I'm going to embroider the names I might do the straight lines as well. Or maybe not. Like a lot of things I'll just wing it.

I'm not sure where to put the wedding date. I may add a small tatted heart with an open centre, or I could do tied eighth notes and embroider the date in the space between the bars at the top. Whatever I do it leaves me with one month to come up with the 5 new designs for the August newsletter. I love pressure-NOT.

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