Monday, June 26, 2006

The corner isn't working.

The corner of the picture frame was going well until I hit the inside corner and ended up with too much tatting for the space it had to fit in. I like the way the side is shaping up, but the bit shown here is the third attempt at going around the corner. The thread ends are from cutting and starting again. I'm afraid that I may have to cut the thread and do something creative with the inside corner. I don't have time for this!

We had an interesting weekend. Our 18 year old car needed some cosmetic work done on it. The interior roof started sagging down and my ever resourceful hubby decided to fix it. The fabric cover was removed excess debris vacuumed up and then we proceeded to brush on the fabric glue. What a disaster. The brush on adhesive which was supposed to dry clear, dried white on the navy blue fabric. The fabric shrunk.

Rob decided that since that job wasn't going well he'd start on another project. He wanted to hang his compressor in the garage where it's easy to use it for filling car tires and blowing wood and grinding dust off projects. He built a solid frame out of angle iron and mounted the compressor with rubber spacers to reduce the noise. Then he decided that he wanted it wired into a switch that was more easily accessible so that he could put a timer on it and keep the compressor full at all times.

Just as he was tightening the last screw on this project the screwdriver hit the edge of a metal button inside the control panel in the garage and everything went black. None of the fuses looked as if they had blown and everything in the house was still working so he checked the main fuse panel in the basement. The garage fuse tested fine, but just in case was replaced with a spare. Still no power in the garage. Each line coming into the garage fuse panel was tested. One set of lights in the garage was working, but all of the other lights and outlets were dead. An hour later we're back to the main fuse panel. According to the label there is only one fuse for the garage Then I notice that some items are showing 2 fuses. After a closer check we discover that one of the fuses on the main line coming into the house has blown. Luckily we had a replacement and in minutes everything is back up and running, including the newly installed compressor.

After a quick trip to the fabric shop we started over again on the roof, this time using a spray adhesive. Much better, except for the stuck together fingertips where we had to hold the fabric in place while applying the adhesive. The car is all back together again and looking spiffy, the compressor is hung and has been used to fill all the tires and Rob is aching from hacksawing angle iron, drilling holes, and hanging upside down, inside the car trying to get the roof lining in and out. He forgets that he isn't as young, agile, and flexible as he used to be. So he spent the rest of the weekend taking it easy.

I spent the rest of the weekend working this corner again and again.

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