Friday, November 12, 2010

When is a snowflake, not a snowflake?

Answer: When it's an ornament cover.

Like this Peek-A-Boo Daisy done in size 20 thread over a 2.5 inch ball. You can do this with any snowflake just by tatting 2 of them and joining them at the tips of the points. You can measure for a snug fit - and it does need to be snug - just by tatting one snowflake and laying the tips along the seam of a plastic ornament or from the hanger to the navel on a satin ball. If the tips just touch along the seam or opposite points just reach top and bottom, them you have chances of a good fit. If the snowflake overlaps the seams or top and bottom points, look for a smaller snowflake or a larger ball.


When it's flowers.

Like Polly done in size 20 Lizbeth Violet Pink Dk #635 and Violet Pink Med #634; Inverted Heart done in Raspberry Pink Med #624; and Phaedra done in Raspberry Pink Lt #623. Each picot on the outer edges of the snowflake has been sewn down. I expect that fabric glue would work, but might not wash as well. The "stems" are green ribbon and the leaf is one from one of my earlier pattern books, but it could have been made with ribbon too. Another alternative would be to use fabric paint.


When it's a shooting star.

Like Starburst done in size 20 Lizbeth in Christmas Red #671 and Red Burst #147. Each picot on the outer edge is sewn down. Since I used 2 colours I had 2 starting ends and 2 finishing ends. I ran out of thread just at the last outer point and had to add more thread in, so I had some extra thread ends. I was trying out different things with the snowflakes and when I saw the way it looked with all the trailing ends I thought I'd just leave them. so a did a crocheted chain on each end and then sewed them down. The ribbon with the gold edges was added for some extra pizazz. You could just sew the ends in and use fabric paint for the trail.


When it's a bookmark.

Like Phantom Star done in size 80 DMC in green and red. A split ring tail was added and a tiny matching ring and chain motif at the end instead of a tassel.

Do you have other ideas of where to use tatted snowflakes? Don't forget to add you comments to the entry below for your chance to win your copy of Tatted Flurries

I was asked earlier for pattern names on the pictures which I have provided on the initial posting below


shannon_in_love said...

thats so funny... i asked my bf your question...when is a snowflake not a snowflake... and his answer was when its a rain drop... apparently he forgot who i was.. i started cracking up in laughter..which is hard cause i am sick... but anyway he gave me a funny look and goes... "OH its a tatters joke....ok i get it.ha" exactly like that ha...not even a HA, it was a tiny ha...but i laughed real hard, thank you for that!

Fox said...

Love that red and green bookmark - so pretty!
Fox : )

tattrldy said...

You've done some really neat things with your not-snowflakes. Whether making them white or in color they make nice suncatchers when put in the center of a ring.

Anonymous said...

All of the un-snowflakes are pretty - but when I came to the shooting star I was 'star struck' :-D Way Cool; especially with those colors! and the Ribbon really added to it!

TypsTatting said...

Just love your tatted goodies and the colours are wonderful!

Martha said...

OOh! I especially love the red star on the t-shirt.

Beverly said...

This is totally awesome. And the shiny ribbon really adds to it. Now I have to think of ways to dress up my drab T's.