Monday, November 15, 2010

And the winner is................................

There were 80 people who added their comments,with awesome ideas of what to do with snowflake patterns whether they are done in white or in colours. Several people reported problems with commenting, but I included them too. Since I thought everyone might like to see the ideas I put them in a list.

Join together as a choker or necklace
Hang on tree, in door frame, IV pole, ceiling, in window
make dreamcatcher
make bookmark with joined snowflakes
make flowers
hanger for earrings
doily or mat
make purse
appliques on sweatshirts, coats, purses, Christmas tree skirts, quilts, scarfs, little girls dresses, cummerbund
zipper pulls or fobs
decorating quilts with snowflakes
tree covered only in snowflakes
decorate book cover
invitation for a winter wedding
gift tags
runner edging
border a skirt
Santa's hat
pill box
line with fabric for a purse.
ornament drape
centerpiece when placed on satin balls and placed in a clear bowl or vase
scatter them randomly on your holiday table
use the smaller ones on your place cards at dinner
on lamps shades, ceiling fan pulls
in live or artificial plants
Arrange them in the shape of a tree on a wall above a table so that it looks like it is sitting on the table
clock face in place of the numbers
decoupage them on plates or tins and fill with cookies to use and give as gifts
decorating a holiday wreath for the front door
holiday place mats
hostess gift
edgings on pillows and on pockets
made 2 alike and put a bit of tulle with potpourri to put in lingerie drawer
tacked to the walls of cube at work
tatted snowflakes in the "V" on shirts
decorate a picture frame

There were so many great ideas, I think I may have to tat all of the designs over again in colour just to try out some of them. If I'm going to do a blitz of snowflakes, I think I may as well join the 25 Motif Challenge again just to keep track.

Add of course, the thing you are all waiting for..........the winner of today's draw. The names were all printed and put in a hat and hubby pulled out a name. The winner is:

Rose Anne B

Please contact me with your address so that I can mail your book out to you. If I don't get a response, another name will be chosen.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Congratulations, Rose Anne B! It's a wonderful book, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

tattrldy said...

Congrats, Rose Anne B!

H J Hess said...

Congratulations Rose Anne B.
This is a great book filled with wonderful snowflakes.

tatting-marie said...

Congrats, Rose Ann B, you are one lucky lady.

Tattingrid said...

Congratulations Rose Ann B. Yuo wil show us some snowflakes you made with those patterns, won't you?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rose Anne!

Sharon, her addy is in her profile...

Rose Anne B said...

First off I apologize Sharon for not coming back and checking who the winner was! LOL! I was away all weekend visiting my 97 years young Dad - cooking n cleaning for him!

Thank you very much "DH" for drawing my name. And yes once I get around to trying some of these patterns I definitely will let you know Sharon and not sure how others will know - unless they check my blog for "tatting".

Well my book arrived today safe and sound and "autographed" too - WOW!!! Thank you Sharon.