Thursday, January 21, 2010

Out with the Old in with the New

Our 33 year old furnace has been limping along that last few years with a lot of coaxing. It heats well enough but it has broken down a number of times. A couple of weeks ago I was up tatting after hubby had gone to bed and I heard a loud clunk. I realized after a while that I hadn't heard the furnace come on for quite a long time so I woke him up to check it out. Whatever it is that fell off he was able to put back on and the furnace started up again. The one thing you don't want in a cold Canadian winter is a furnace that stops working in the middle of the night. Good bye old friend.
Yesterday they installed a new energy efficient furnace which is supposed to save us money on our heating bill. Seeing as the government is allowing rebates on these things we had an energy audit done and we were left with a number of things that we can do to qualify for the rebates. It turns out that we can get back about 50% of the cost of the furnace. Of course the cost of the energy audit will eat up about half of that amount, but still, it is a considerable savings. Hello handsome. I hope you'll be able to keep me as cozy and warm as your predecessor did.
The old unit had a quarter horse power motor, this unit has a half. It may use gas more efficiently but gas is only half of the expense. The other half is the cost of running the blower motor and with a motor that is twice the size you anticipate twice the cost in running it. I guess we'll see.
Lest you think I haven't been tatting at all, what with all this uninteresting stuff going on, here's the latest bits to fall off the shuttle Snowflake 21 is in process and will have to be re tatted because I don't like the centre. I ought to stop now because if the centre changes in size, it's going to change the rest of it, but I have 2 full CTM shuttles and this will be the third time in a row that I've thrown away 2 almost full shuttles of thread.

As a designer I frequently cut work off and re-join thread in. That's why there is a tutorial for adding in thread on the side bar. I do it. a lot. I'm good at it. I have to be. Working on a series of snowflakes I have found myself using designs where adding in thread is most inconvenient. You may have seen in some of the recent pictures, lots of thread ends. I have finished one snowflake and then just started another with whatever amount of thread there is on the shuttle at the time.

The last few designs I have needed a full row's worth of CTM thread. When I've needed to start again it has meant pulling the thread off the shuttle, or in my case popping out the bobbin with the half done bits and popping in 2 new CTM bobbins. Since these are new designs and I don't know where I'm going with them or how they might change along the way, I want full bobbins before I start. I've run out of empty bobbins. I don't like leaving half done designs on the bobbins. I'd rather cut the thread off and start again. I have a dozen little skeins of thread I've already pulled off the shuttles and it's really starting to bug me. I think all of this duct pulling/ energy audit/furnace installation stuff is really messing with my creativity. I'm finding the only time where I can sit and work undisturbed is in the middle of the night. Literally. I'm not at my best creativity wise in the middle of the night and that's bugging me too.

Here's hoping I can get my brain in gear and get some serious designing done instead of half full shuttles and twisted little skeins of unfulfilled dreams.

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Isdihara said...

Keep going, Sharon, you are doing great! Especially factoring in the furnace fugue. Can't wait to see the end result. (when the book comes out?)