Thursday, January 28, 2010

64F or 17.7C

Whichever way you write it your nose is sure to be cold. Mine was when I woke up this morning. See this?

The thermostat was set for 73 and hubby turned it up a notch when we got up this morning to see if the NEW furnace would come on. It didn't. We have had this furnace exactly 8 days and it quit on us. It may be set for 73, but as you can see it's actually 64. The thermometer upstairs says it's balmy 60 degrees. Man is it cold in here!

There were a whole laundry list of issues about the new furnace The old one was 50,000 BTU and the new one we ordered was 40,000 BTU which should have cut down on the cost of running it. They had trouble getting the 40,000 BTU unit on time so they substituted a 60,000 BTU furnace of the same dimensions. It's a townhouse and there isn't a lot of space between the wall and the cold air return so they needed a diminutive model. OK so it kicks out more heat, but all of the other energy saving specs are the same.

The new furnaces don't use a chimney flue they need a 2 inch wide pipe to suck in fresh air from outside and a second pipe to vent the furnace exhaust. Since our basement is, as yet, unfinished they wanted to run these pipes from the furnace at one end of the basement diagonally up to ground level at the other end of the basement. That, coincidentally, would have obstructed access to the sink/washing machine/dryer. AND the horizontal piping results in not just moisture from the air, but actual rain water and snow from outside to come in and travel down the angled pipe into the furnace. The solution is ANOTHER small half inch pipe laid across the floor and down into the floor drain. I swear these guys are trying to strangle me with the overhead pipes and trip me with the floor pipe.

Amongst the list of things not done or not done right.
They weren't sure they would have enough pipe and at some of the joins one pipe is inserted well into the connecting pipe, but at other joins they barely touch.
They drilled the holes for the pipes and left the cut out cores, dust and dirt all over the patio.
They left finger sized holes around the furnace where it connects to the duct work.
They forget to bring duct tape, so we had to run out and get proper sealing duct tape and finish the job. It took nearly an entire roll of tape to seal everything off properly.
They didn't bring a programmable thermostat which was supposed to come with the unit, but they had a thermostat in the truck that they installed only after we reminded them.
As they were about to leave we asked if they had reconnected the air conditioner - they hadn't and had to come back and wire in the air conditioning.
A couple of days after they left it occurred to us to try the fan by itself. Guess what? no fan.

With all of the things missed I suppose we shouldn't be that surprised that we woke up this morning to a frigid house. After a quick call we have been able to restart the furnace and the temperature is slowly rising, but I want to know why it quit in the first place.

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Krystle said...

Oh I'd be stamping my feet and having a fit! You are a better woman than I.