Sunday, December 06, 2009


I haven't blogged in ages. Well, that's not totally correct because I have been keeping up with the 25 Motif Challenge blog, I just haven't been keeping up with my own blog. Now that I'm all caught up I can show you what I've been tatting. I found these one inch diameter beads, the package calls them Rhinestones and I've been incorporating them into tatted snowflakes. A couple of them got extra large.

All of these designs can be made without the stones and some of them have 2 stones back to back so that they look the same from both sides. You could use any one inch size stone, bead, button or even a picture like the small wallet size photos they do for kid's school pictures. I think they'd look cute as Christmas ornaments.

I was thinking of doing a book of them, but then wondered if other folks would think they looked chintzy, inelegant and clunky with this big beady thing in the middle. So I modified it yet again so that the one inch bead cand be replaced with one inch of lace.

So what do you think? Can the world take one more book of snowflakes?

Edited to add

Here is a large picture of one of the pieces with a double stone. The blurriness is due to the depth of the stones being much greater than the flat lace. And yes I know it's still a bit of a tease, but what else will keep you wanting more? :-)


Val said...

the snowflakes are really pretty. wished the picture can go bigger so i can get a better look at them lol.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Absolutely! The more books there are, the more inspiration I get!

❦TattingChic said...

The patterns are pretty from afar. I cannot honestly tell you how the rhinestones look because the picture won't enlarge when I click on it so I can't really see any detail.

Isdihara said...

My only complaint (as I see others have shared above) is that the image size was small enough not to enable the "click to enlarge" feature. *pouty.lip*

I love your previous book, and would love to have a snowflake book from you.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Sharon!

Good to see you posting again - not that we're unaware of all your work in keeping up with the '25'.

I love adding 'bling' to my tatting, so I enjoyed seeing this. It's clever the way you've 'encapsulated' the gem (love the color), as shown in the closeup; and the 'blizzard' of snowflakes is very tantalizing! Lovely designs! This would indeed make a great book! I don't think snowflakes will ever go out of style, and the gems very much enhance them! Very cool!

Ridgetatter said...

I think snowflakes that sparkle would be lovely patterns. The holidays are all about shiny and sparkly in look ~ adds to the festival atmosphere. I wish the photo would have enlarged also.
I'd certainly buy a new tatting book of yours.
XXX Merry Christmas B.

misfitknits said...

gosh, these snowflakes are so wonderful! in answer to your question: YES!!! the world can handle another tatted snowflake book! YOURS!!! I WANT TO PREORDER IT NOW LOL!! seriously, your designs with the rhinestone/button/bead/picture are fresh and a new take on an old idea, those kinds of designs are the ones i like the best!! great job and keep up the good work! ;)