Friday, January 14, 2011

We have internet! O drat, we don't have water!!

Wednesday our brand spanking new modem arrived. It didn't work, but it arrived. Just in case (not likely, but you never know) hubby installed it on his computer using the also new Cat 5 line we just strung through the walls. To be doubly sure that there is nothing wrong with the Cat 5 two strands were used instead of one to make the connection to the, also new, jack. After which hubby couldn't even log into the modem program to set it up. So he called the IP yet again. After some lengthy attempts the IP advised us they were going to check things out and call us back, which they did. After several tries it was determined that some settings in our internet browser were interfering with the operation of the modem and that the initial address we had been advised to use wasn't working. An alternate was suggested and after the preliminary handshaking the internet roared back to life.

I am so deliriously happy to be able to connect to the internet again and not lose the connection 2 minutes later. I can send and receive email, I can upload pictures to Blogger, I can even send files through the internet! Hooray!!!!!

Of course, this morning, I have a new problem. Remember this in 2008?

In October we had this.

Christmas morning as I got up to put the turkey in the oven for our afternoon feast, this was trundling past the bedroom window headed for yet another  little spot.

This morning we have this.
That makes 3 water main breaks in 4 months, none of which are covered by the city because a condominium townhouse is private property and we, it's illustrious owners, will have to cover it ourselves. Mommy! I want to move.


Fox said...

OH, NO!!!

Suztats said...

Sure hoping things improve soon.

Gina said...

Surely you will run out of water mains soon! BTW, just curious, but which browser do you use?

Ellen Ross said...

ugh water main breaks! no good!! hang in there!

Ellen Ross
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