Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not right, Not wrong, Not working

Lest you think I haven't been tatting at all, this started out to be a necklace that came to a point in the middle, but obviously I wasn't thinking clearly because what I have at this point resembles a collar rather than a necklace. I planned for the first row and the last row to have beads, and if I'd had beads on the last row I would just call it quits, but I didn't and now I have something that I have to add a row to to add the beads, except that it's already too wide and adding more will make it wider. ARGGHH!

Next question, what do you do with a project that isn't what you want it to be but isn't garbage either?

On the internet front, a second modem was sent to us express. This one was new in box and should just plug in and run, but it didn't. We have been told that the phone line into the house is fine and that although our purchased modem is functioning, it isn't an "approved" modem meaning that it will probably work with the system, but it might at times have issues. The new modem just received is approved and should resolve all of our problems. If it doesn't then the problem might be with our server's network. Hubby is currently wiring in the new Cat 5 cable to the demarcation point. With the new cable in and all of the phone lines disconnected at the demarcation we should have new line, new modem and the internet should sing.

If it doesn't the issue isn't with us, our equipment or our phone line and heads will roll. Hubby has more tenacity than a pit bull. He's brilliant about a lot of things and he knows when he is right. Don't argue with him, you'll lose.


Margarets designer cards said...

Its looks lovely but I can see what you say, its too wide, how about sewing it on a dress as a neck edging, or around a doily,
I hope the new box will solve your interent problems.
good luck

NanaGo said...

I like the design, and even without beads it can be used for many other things. I use my "mistakes" and put them into Costumes or applique them onto pillows or even work them into crazy quilt blocks. All is not lost. Be brave!