Friday, January 30, 2009

What'll I do?

I have just had a rummage through my tatting stuff and realized that I have a bunch of tatting I don't quite know what to do with. I'm a designer and almost everything that comes off my shuttles is an original one of a kind something or other. Sometimes I design things because I'm making a gift for someone. Sometimes I'm just trying ideas out to see how they'd look. After looking at the crocheted tablecloth whose pattern reminded me of rings I tried to duplicate part of the design in tatting and produced a doily which was given to my sister in law. I had to re-tat this one in order to create the pattern for the newsletter.
This Gothic choker just kind of made itself. Unfortunately I don't know anyone with Gothic tastes to gift it to.

Then there was this 38 inch edging of hearts that I thought I'd add on to a pillowcase, but it needed a foundation row to make it straight along the top edge. I got bored with it and never made the second edging.

I had this bag of bright sparkly red beads that turned into this romantic necklace, but I don't know anyone who would wear it.

Then there was the time I was playing with celtic tatting and did this interwoven design for any eye glass case. I wear glasses, but being nearsighted, I never take them off and have no use for an eye glasses case.

This necklace is an excuse to play with bugle beads.

I don't like the way the op of the heart pattern worked out so I re-designed it.

Then there is my recent experiment with sequins.

So I have these and other pieces languishing in my supply box and I'm wondering what to do with them. It seems a shame that no one gets to enjoy them. Maybe I ought to start an Etsy shop just to clear out my supply cabinet. What do you think? Are these pieces people would be interested in or would handling an Etsy shop just mean more work and time taken away from tatting?


Melissa said...

I think anyone would love to get your beautiful samples!

Valerie said...

how about a One-World-One-Heart giveaway organised by Lisa at check it out... :)

wickedtats said...

I personally think they all look great =)

Marty said...

I know my niece would wear the gothic choker and the red and green necklace -- so there are probably a lot of other people out there who would as well. Of course, I don't know how much work an Etsy shop is either, not having one myself.

Anonymous said...

I know my daughter would like the gothic choker as well.......and the rest? They are all very lovely pieces of work! Don't know about the Etsy shop, but I was browsing them last night and I think this would fit right in. One site had quite a bit of black tatted necklaces/chokers!

Marcella in Muskogee

sorry, but I don't have a google identity yet :o)

yarnplayer said...

So, when are you going to open your etsy shop? It's not hard - you already have the photos, your things will go to good homes, you'd be promoting tatting, and you'll make money. Go for it!