Saturday, January 03, 2009

Time for a new tatting community challenge

We started the 25 Motif Challenge in August 2006 when Gina and Wally were talking about tatting a whole bunch of motifs in a set period of time. Then the discussion crossed over to several other lists and a lot of people expressed interest. Some people have a lot of tatting time and others only have an hour or so a day so after kicking the idea around for a while we decided on 25 motifs in a year. Almost 3 years later people are still joining the challenge.

Of course some people joined, finished and that was the end of it. Those people need a new challenge, something different, that like the 25 Motif Challenge people can work on their own projects at their own pace. So I've been pondering what new challenge everyone would like to be involved in. Something fun, something a little challenging, something that most tatters can do. There's no point in having a project that only designers can participate in because that excludes a big chunk of the tatting community.

Since a lot of people had tatted 25 somethings I thought of maybe a multi motif project like a tatted mat, or a teddy bear jacket or something that would incorporate a couple dozen motifs. Of course I realize that the motifs that some people had done were things like earrings so they couldn't be incorporated into anything else.

Then I thought maybe a group project like tatted bits to go on a quilt that could be auctioned off and the proceeds sent to some universal charitable organization like the Red Cross.

Or tatted hearts or something to be sent to a local women's shelter along the lines of the comfort dolls.

Or a challenge to create something extraordinary in tatting like a model space ship, Eiffel tower, bikini, or whatever your imagination can come up with.

Or a quarterly competition to make the most interesting, bracelet or necklace, or bookmark or, pincushion decorated with tatting or hair comb or other types of things.

How about some other ideas? Is there something you can think of that a lot of other people would like to try too? Suggestions anyone?


Gina said...

All of those are good ideas. I also just happened to think that focusing on different kinds of threads or using beads in different ways or a specific technique (like clunies, block tatting, SCMR's, split rings)

Gina said...

Another thought - a few years ago after a lace event somewhere, Rita Cochrane convinced several of us to come up with a 3D project of our own design. For unknown reasons, it never got past the idea stage. I don't remember if we were going to exchange them or what. Life apparently got busy and no one followed up.

Clyde said...

Like Gina I think you have a lot of good ideas. I really like the idea of tatted hearts for the women's shelter. It would symbolize a mended heart to work towards for the one they have that is broken. I think that would be a special symbol at a time when they need any kind of positive hope possible.

snowy said...

It's nice to leave a lot of latitude for all levels of tatters to be able to join in.
I would feel happy doing hearts or bookmarks, but quite nervous about 3D work and I've yet to try clunies.
Of course it does need to "challenge", in order to be fun, and there's nothing wrong with being nudged from one's comfort zone...

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Oooh I think a technique oriented challenge would be awesome!

Tatted bikini??? LOL! Could we get someone to model it?