Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Motifs X 4

I always like to know what a motif will look like when joined to others of it's kind. The pictures kind of give an idea, but photgraphs don't behave the same way that thread does. I am trying out designs for a possible shawl so I want some good all over coverage for some warmth. I want something that draws the eye to the whole motif and not just a tiny repeated central focal point.

I'm working in size 10 thread of some kind. It doesn't have a label, but it feels like South Maid. Here are all the ends from adding in new thread. This is what I cut off before I hid the 2 final ends for each motif. One of the things I've realized is that I'm going to need to use a larger shuttle so that I don't have to add in thread quite so often.
The first design does have a central focal point, but the corners are solid enough that they draw the eye too and the vision dances between both the centres and the corners. You can see each motif, but when you see it as a whole cloth might look, you don't instantly see where the motif begins. For one moment you think the centre might actually be where the corners meet. I joined the centremost rings and the side rings to one another. This would make a good design for any large project like a border on a square neckline or around a cuff, or as an edging on a guest towel.
The second design doesn't appear quite so square. It almost looks as if there are large round motifs joined together at the corners by a smaller motif of joined cloverleafs. It carries the same pattern segment throughout and is more like a whole piece of cloth than individual motifs. I joined it at the corners only by the central ring as I wasn't sure if joining the side rings would pull it out of shape. Now that I've done the 4 I can see it too could have been joined at the side rings. It looks like another motif that would work well for any large project, but it gives me the impression of a more solid and formal design.
I don't think I want a shawl done out of either of these designs though, so I will have to try something else.

Is anyone interested in playing along with me?


Gina said...

hmmmm...I like the both! But I do have to say the bottom one has a "cleaner" look to it, if that makes sense. The top one seems lacier though. The picots add an "Irish crochet" effect almost.

Of course, color or more than one color will change the whole look yet again.

AnneB said...

Both patterns are lovely! Designing is fun, but it takes a lot of time and tends to get a lower priority with me for that reason.

TattingChic said...

Bravo! You've achieved your objective of making an interesting visual design from the joinings of the corners! They both look MAH-velous, DAHling! The one on top is my very most favorite...probably because the center of the square looks flowery, LOL! They're both very beautiful, though!

Sharon said...

Gina I agree that the top one looks lacier, The bottom one seems more...I don't know how to describe it, it's like it's lace with attitude.
Anne I agree that designing takes time, but it's only one little motif.
TattingChic it reminds me of a crochet design I have with a daisy in the middle. It didn't when I was working on it, but once I blocked it, it looked very flowery.

Marty said...

I don't know about a shawl, but both of these motifs certainly make great-looking squares. You're right about the bottom one having "attitude". It looks bold.