Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Trial

I decided that I want to work on a project that uses a square motif so I sat down tonight and did this one. I want something that is sort of uniformly dense with even amounts of semi solid tatting. I want the focal point to be both the centre of the motif and the corners where 4 motifs meet.

This one has some semi dense bits in the centre and at the corners, but 4 together doesn't make for an interesting join. I'll have to scrap this one and try another design. By the time I find a design that I like, I should have enough pretty designs that don't quite fit my plans, to fill a book. This one is done in size 10 thread and I think it's about 3 inches across. I should re-do it in 80 to see what it would look like as a bookmark especially if I do the rings in a solid colour and the chains in a variegated colour.

I mentioned some ideas for tatting books on one of the tatting lists and one of the members wrote to me off list and remarked that I shouldn't share my thoughts because someone else would take the ideas and use them to create their own book. The thought that someone else would take my idea and run with it doesn't really bother me, although I do think about it from time to time when I mention an plan for a book. I suppose anyone could take the idea, but they aren't me, and they won't come up with my designs. Does that sound conceited? I don't mean to be. If I do provide an idea that someone can springboard off of, then the tatting world is all the richer for it.

There are several books of snowflake patterns available. Does that mean that the possibilities for snowflake patterns have been exhausted? Seems to me that I read somewhere that the could be millions of real snowflakes and no 2 would be alike. So it seems like there could also be lots of different snowflake patterns.

What about hearts, or butterflies or bookmarks, do we have enough of those? And doilies, there are lots of patterns for those too. Does that mean that we shouldn't expect any more patterns for those either?

There are lots of designs for dresses and shirts and pants, but we keep seeing new variations of those things. They change around the designs for those things 4 times a year and there is always something new, so why shouldn't it be the same for tatting patterns.

Some people buy tatting patterns because they are collectors. Some people buy them because they want to make that one special item. Some people buy them because they find that a particular designer sets out patterns in a way that is easy for them to follow. Some people don't buy many books, choosing rather to make the things they like over and over again. Should a designer stop producing books because there already are some publications on the market with those things in it? I don't think so. I think there is room for old and new books, old techniques and new techniques. It's all good and it all has it's place.

Me? I'm going to whip up a bookmark, then I'll try another idea for a square motif. Happy tatting all.


Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

love the square motif. I like dense too so my tatting doesn't flop around much. I think it makes for a stronger holding together too. If you get the instructions down on how you did can email it to me. This was asked with chocolate ice cream with thick fudge sauce and whipped cream and a cherry on top of that.:>

TattingChic said...

Your square is absolutely beautiful!!! I love it. Perhaps if you make only two rings on the square's corners then you will end up with an 8 ringed ring for the joining of the corners which might make for an interesting pattern! I'm sure whatever you do it will turn out beautifully. For heaven's sake please write down the pattern for this square; it's GORGEOUS! :)

Gina said...

I've been keeping my eye open for a square motif that can also be halved diagonally. Lots of pretty squares, but very few that can also be halved and in the right size. I need it halved for the way a vest is made.

You're right that just because certain books/patterns exist that it doesn't mean there shouldn't be more. My only concern is that when there is a glut of a certain style of motifs or patterns, that designers, usually new designers, haven't seen enough of what already exists that they aren't duplicating the same pattern. Then someone screams copyright! It's kind of humorous really, but it can be devastating to the people involved. I know you've been tatting long enough and with the internet, you've been able to see many many patterns that you wouldn't have in the past. That serves both to inform and to inspire and I know you know the difference.

I like this square too but it wouldn't work for my vest project. It would work for lots of other things though. Nice!

Maggie Brown said...

Sharon I know of a specific pattern shortage that you could rectify. Remember the wonderful
3D ice skates you designed for the August 2007 newsletter? I love making that pattern-I have made at least 6 pairs of skates. I had hoped you would design an old fashioned sled complete with runners in a similar 3D manner. If you do ever design a sled, please shout it from the rooftops because my shuttles are waiting.

Sharon said...

The pattern is written down already. It didn't suit my need, but it did come out rather pretty. Gina, I've been thinking about your square that can be halve diagonally and I think it may be easier to design a triangle that works and then make it into a square. I'll have to try a couple of drawings. Maggie I need a line drawing of a sled to work from. I surfed the internet for one but didn't find anything especially evocative of a sled.