Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The End of an Era

I made a decision this spring as I went through yet another panic. When you're not the one doing it, it probably doesn't seem all that hard to come up with a new design, or two, or ten. When I look back over the hundred plus designs I have come up with for the newsletters, nothing seems especially wonderful, or particularly innovative. There isn't anything that a dozen other people couldn't have done, many of them probably better than I. Still, when the publishing date looms on the horizon and I don't have a fistful of new tatting to show for it, there's always a mad scramble to "invent" something on the spur of the moment.
In the beginning I wavered between creating a book and going through the difficulties of publishing it, and working on a deadline where there were fewer printing hurdles, but more pressure. I opted for the deadline and began producing the newsletter "Tatted Lace Pattern Collection". I wonder if other people realize how hard it is to create something new, fresh and wonderful, on demand.
I have to admit that I am my own worst enemy at times because of the self imposed guidelines I use. There has to be 4 or 5 patterns, one of them has to have the tatting content equivalent of a 12 inch doily, there has to be a variety of difficulty in the pieces, there has to be a lot of out of the ordinary kind of projects, some 3D tatting and some of them have to be simple enough for beginners to work on.

Do you know how restrictions and deadlines seriously impede creative ability? I do. There are times when I just get one newsletter sent out and I start wondering what on earth I'm going to add to the next one. How do you invent "new" or "interesting" or "different"?

Some added pressures of my personal life made this year especially trying and I decided that in the interest of my own sanity, I ought to terminate the newsletter after the last issue this year.
I've learned a lot along the way, but now it's time for something new, so this was the final issue. I'm not giving up on designing, I'm just going to design things as I would normally, and when they're ready, I'll publish a book. I've been asked about putting all of the doily designs from the newsletters into a book and I might do that, along with some new designs I'm working on. I have a number of things in mind including doing a dual issue of books in hard copy and electronic format so that people can buy in the format they want.


Tara said...

I'm so sorry to see the newsletter go but I completely understand. I personally think it's amazing that you could come up with something new and different for each newsletter. I have had many hours of enjoyment tatting and looking at your newsletter. I look forward to your future books you want to publish.

Thanks for all you do!

Tattycat said...

I think you have done a remarkable job for a long time. I can absolutely understand the pressure of deadlines and trying to think of new things to do. I think it will be great to put your designs into books as they are ready. Way to go!

connieangeline said...

Did I ever tell you that my all time favorite tatting on the web ever is your bridal headpiece?
Many years ago(before the turn of the century LOL)computers were just becoming popular and I had the opportunity to use one. I did what I always do whenever I got the opportunity (albeit I usually used the phonebook) I looked up tatting. I expected to maybe come up with a store or two that carried thread or a book. Imagine my delight when I found your site with the pictures of that lovely piece of confection you wore on your wedding day. Please let me say thank you for all the tatting you've shared since then and all the time in your life you've spent on this wonderful art.

Gina said...

I've always been amazed at anyone who can keep coming up with new designs, like the people who offer a free design every month to spur interest in their business. Creativity isn't on demand. It comes in waves, some short, some long.

Like Connie, your bridal headpiece and website was one of my early exposures to tatting and I too, was enchanted with it.

All businesses change their focus over time. Most of all, you should enjoy what you're doing.

Zarina said...

Me too - I have never thought of myself a designer. it must always be base on a design - in tatting or quilting or anything. I really admire designers because they create something which was not there. I guess there are people who creates and those that utilize the creation, and the world need both.

Mogs said...

I have only just found your site, so haven't seen the newsletter, but from the pictures on your site it looks fabulous! I am sure if you put your designs into a book it will sell well, especially if there is an electronic version too-Good Luck
Carole x