Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tatted Lace Pattern Collection for May is out

I finally got the May TLPC newsletter out, which means my work is done and now I can play. The 2 designs already shown are a hatband for a sun hat and some flowers to spiff it up. I bought the hat last year and didn't get around to doing anything with it. Here's the hat with the tatting attached. Unfortunately it was really hot out when hubby and I were doing this so we didn't stop to take another shot of it with the flowers in the sun. There's a different picture on the web page but you get the idea anyway.


Tattycat said...

While I am here checking out the blocking, I thought I would tell you how much I like this month's newsletter. The patterns are lovely. My MIL ALWAYS has on a hat. I just might have to make her a band like this one. She would be very happy. Thanks again.

Sharon said...

I'm glad you like it. So often I design things and get 0 feedback so I don't know if everyone hates the stuff in the newsletter or loves it. I mean, people could be sitting there thinking 'not another doily' or 'what the heck would anyone want to tat THAT for?' or 'where is the beaded tatting?' or 'my, I just love those flowers' or where's my thread I just HAVE to try this one right away' I rarely hear back from people and generally I can design anything folks want, if I know they want it. I suppose though, the fact that people keep subscribing to the newsletter is a good indication that they like what they're getting. LOL