Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Best laid plans- and all that jazz

When we started the 25 motif challenge I had anticipated designing some motives and morphing them into hearts and butterflies during our one year trek. I began with the best of intentions, and designed a few little motives and sketched out how they might be transformed into hearts and butterflies. October I was in a mad rush to get the tatting done for my brother's 50th wedding anniversary, followed immediately by the mad rush to get the November newsletter completed. Then there was the Christmas rush. See a pattern here?

I posted a couple of pictures of some motives I had done and then there were the Christmas snowflakes sent out to my siblings, all 8 of them and about a dozen simpler beaded snowflakes that were given out with gifts. One of the motives I created went onto the red shirt as a V-neck treatment. There were 9 of them. The square motive that is currently in time out, isn't a complete project yet but the 4 motives are complete.

Here's a couple more that I have done. I had an idea that the one on the left might lend itself to becoming a butterfly, but when I added the rings for the body it stopped looking pretty so I gave up on it.

Then there the motif from the V-neck shirt that I worked on converting into a heart. Why is it that the lace in my head just isn't as pretty in reality? I'm not even going to try to tweak this design into some semblance of respectability. It's as done as it's going to get.

Wait a minute, that's 25 motives. No hearts, no butterflies, just the same motives done a bunch of times and all of the lace for 3 newsletters.... and a whole bunch of hours spent blogging the fun everyone else was having with the challenge.

I want to explore what can be done with square motives, but then there's the Tatting Treasures from Trash denim bag challenge. Some days I think I have the attention span of a gnat.

There you have it. I did plan on 25 new designs, but what I accomplished was tatting the same designs a lot of times. So I am officially giving myself permission to move on to the bag challenge. It wasn't what I planned to do, but it's done. All of the designs for the May newsletter are giving me a hard time and I want need to be giving it all my attention.

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tatknot said...

Look on the bright side. You've got some nice pieces to decorate your bag. :) And thanks for the challenges and for sharing your experiences with the rest of us.