Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tatting, what else?

Here's a picture of the shamrock bookmark I did for the newsletter. It isn't anything really special, but certainly appropriate for anyone you know who's Irish. It could be longer, but I started off thinking 5 repeats would be about right and only loaded that amount of thread onto my shuttle. About the time I thought it could do with being longer, I ran out of thread and just quit. I think it's kind of cute, others may disagree, but they're welcome to just move along and read another blog with something they do like
I've been doing a lot of tatting, but nothing to show yet. I'm working on a beaded design and for the zillionth time missed my lost crochet hook. I bought a #14 (.6mm) hook for doing bead joins. That sucker had such a sharp point it went through anything I stored it in, jeans, purse, sewing kit, you name it. I suspect that poking a hole through whatever I was carrying it in was how I lost it. Trying to find a replacement was a challenge as most stores only carry common sizes. You'll never guess where I found one, it was in the local dollar store, which means I not only found one, it was cheap to boot. (Note to self get back to the store and get another one before they're all gone.
Now that I have another teeny tiny hook I can get back to my beaded design and I don't mind that I need to start all over again because I have a hook now!

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muskaan said...

This is simply beautiful, Sharon ! I just saw it on pinterest & loved the way you've joined the shamrocks ... Hope to make this some day.