Monday, March 19, 2007

No Tatting Today

I haven't been able to tat for days. Friday we had a minor mishap in the bathroom which resulted in doing some major repairs. It took 2 days to put everything back in order. Did you know paint has an expiration date? I didn't. Last year I pulled out a gallon of white paint to touch up some bits in the bathroom. The paint went on funny with occasional lumps in it, but I didn't care as long as it covered over the repair bits. The problem came later. It stunk. For weeks it stunk. I was embarrassed having people visit it smelled so bad. Not just the bathroom, the. whole. house. I knew that fixing it was going to mean sanding all of the old paint off. I just didn't want to do it.

You're probably wondering why I just didn't get my wonderful hubby to do it. Any other job he would have done it a minute, but paint fumes do him in. Closed in a room with chemical smells will put him down and out for days. So we have an understanding, if it involves smelly stuff, it's my job. He removed everything removable. The last time we did the bathroom that included the toilet. (Dude, in a one bathroom house I need that! We are NOT removing the toilet this time.)

So, after several hours with my hands in various strong chemicals which caused my hands to swell, I sanded, washed and painted every surface in the bathroom including the cabinetry. Two coats. The pale yellow is gone and now everything is pristine white. Some new outlet and light switch covers and everything will be fresh and sparkling.

The tatting, by the way, is a test piece done last week. The project has been restarted 3 times and cut off. As soon as the swelling and muscle ache dies down I'll give it another try.

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