Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Wedding

Aren't they a cute couple? Rick and Lora's wedding was on Sunday at Westfield Heritage Village, a very quaint locale with historical buildings and people wandering around in period costumes. We had been concerned about being rained out, but the day was bright and sunny with the temperature soaring to a skin crisping 97 degrees F. The ceremony was held in the Mountsberg Church and of course the buildings were not air conditioned.

The bride, not being satisfied with the job the hairdresser did, took the time to re-do her hair making her about one hour late for the wedding. Picture a quaint frame building packed with men in suit coats and ties, ladies in elegant finery and add 100 degree temperature and an hour wait for the bride to show up.

Fortunately, one of the wedding party had been thinking ahead, so the program was printed using stiff card stock in dark red, (to match the dresses) for the outer blades of a paper fan. They used a teardrop shape with a rivet at the base so you could spread out the pages to read the program or fan yourself. Never mind reading, we were too busy fanning! The music was provided by a very talented choral group, friends of the bride and groom. Since candles were not permitted in the village they used a sand ceremony where the mothers of the couple poured red and white sand into a large glass bowl. It was very pretty, and a nice touch to the ceremony.

The photographer, anxious to get just the right picture, took an abundance of shots at numerous locations on the grounds and the wedding party was quite wilted when he was finally done. The Inn, where the reception was held was air conditioned, but crowded with hot bodies it didn't stay cool for long. Due to the lateness of the wedding and the excesses of the photographer the reception started an hour and a half late. We were entertained with delightful live classical guitar music so the wait was enjoyable except for the grumbling tummies. The food was yummy, a buffet with lots of choice and nothing seemed to suffer for having been delayed. I think the staff knew that the wedding was late and had delayed the food preparation. All in all it was a delightful day.

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