Wednesday, November 27, 2019

I finally did it

We've been playing darts since August 10, 2019 when we bought our first dart board. I thought the highest score you could get was the bulls-eye in the middle, which just shows how little I knew. For those who don't know much about darts, the green part of the bulls-eye is 25 points and the red inner part is 50 points. The narrow strip around the outer part of the target doubles the score and the narrow strip around the middle triples the score. So the highest score for a single dart is the triple area under the 20 which counts as 60 points. The pros often get 2 or 3 darts in that little space giving them a score of 120 or 180.

On September 24th my sweetie, who excels at everything, got 2 darts in the triple 20 spot (60), which was so significant I had to take a picture.

Then he repeated it with 2 60s and a bulls-eye. Since then he gets 2 60s almost every time we play.

Meanwhile, I'm still bouncing dart off the wall, floor, and ceiling. Until today. I finally did it! 2 darts in the 60 spot! Of course you'll notice that the 3rd dart isn't even on the scoreboard. :(


Jane McLellan said...

Who-oo! Well done.

muskaan said...

yay !!!

Margarets designer cards said...
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Margarets designer cards said...

Well done