Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Not so clean and fresh

We were out shopping the other day and happened to see Tide in a yellow jug on sale. Normally l like Tide, but I had never tried the Tide Simply Clean & Fresh in the Daybreak Fresh scent, but it was Tide and it was on sale, so it had to be a good deal right? Wrong. I loaded up my spanking new machine and added the recommended amount of detergent. The stink coming from the washing machine suggested that the clothes were really dirty, like stinky, sweaty, stale gym bag, dirty. So I was glad to get things washed.

When the cycle was done I was in a hurry and just quickly dumped everything into the dryer. When I went back to get things out of the dryer I could still smell a horrific stench. As I think I mentioned, my nose isn't nearly as sensitive as hubby's so I grabbed the freshly washed load of laundry and made him stick his nose in it. His response? Man does that stuff need washing, it smells like something died in there. Then I grabbed the jug of detergent and made him smell it. Putrid, stinky, foul horrible stuff.

So both of us concur, this stuff just stinks.

I had to put everything through the wash again with a different detergent and then through a second rinse just to get rid of the stench. I bought 2 jugs of the stuff, because, it was Tide and it was on sale. So having 2 jugs of it I thought maybe I could use it for something that doesn't come near our noses, like kitchen towels. No dish washer, so we do dishes by hand and I just wait until I have a bunch of kitchen towels to do and wash them all at once. I tried it again on them with the same results. When I go to dry dishes, the smell makes me want to gag, making me feel like using the towels is actually putting dirt ON the clean dishes.

So, I won't be using it again. Maybe hubby can use it for washing the car, or hosing down the patio. All I know is that there's no way I'm going to be using it on clothes.

I did write to Tide telling them I think their product stinks -LITERALLY STINKS!! and they responded suggesting that scent is one of personal preference, which I agree. Although I can't imaging anyone liking the smell of dirty socks. They also suggested that I might have used the wrong dosage, although since it's a new machine and I'm being careful to do everything according to the recommendations on the packaging to make sure I don't have any problems, that's not likely. There is also the possibility that the combined scent of detergent and fabric softener, might result in weird blendings -- except I don't use fabric softener. I do use dryer sheets, the unscented kind. They were very kind to offer a prepaid debit card which will cover the cost of the detergent. Which isn't really the point.

At any rate, if you happen to see Tide Simply Clean & Fresh in the Daybreak Fresh scent you might want to just pass it by. Or at least give it a sniff test in the jug before you try it. I don't know, you might like washing your clothes in eau de dirty socks.

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